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September 14, 2018

An act of HONORABLE AMMENDS in Reparation for the sin of blasphemy and other Impious Crimes against God and His Church!

The Church is suffering with great wounds because Catholics are not living up to the faith they profess. We must live for God alone and for eternal life! Nothing else matters! Nothing else! Where will you spend eternity? If we are insincere about that we are fools. There is no reward in pretending to be Christian a good Catholic but living like others in the world. Catholics must stand out by their actions, their words and their dress. If we look like pagans we will act like pagans! This is matter for another separate post God willing!

Many of us are talking the talk but in our actions we do not walk the walk with the suffering Christ,  who came to show us how to get to Heaven by His example. If we do not follow His example we will not go to Heaven! Many Catholics consider themselves learned on matters of faith, but they contradict the faith by their deeds. Hiding hidden motives for power, esteem or even with aims to destroy the Church founded by Jesus Christ. 

The sin of apostasy is a sin against the Holy Spirit and is becoming ruination of the church. There are many bad things in the Church and society today, the sins of the clerics play a major role in this, but we cannot excuse ourselves from this tragedy just because our sins are not public knowledge! We too play a role for the times we practiced a half-hearted  Catholicism. We are also sinners and must answer to God for our own sins one day! 

It is true that we should take down the unrepentant, guilty predators but let us remember our own sinfulness before we cast the stones at the guilty. Let us pray and do penance for our fallen comrades. While we point the finger at the public sinners let us remember we also have sinned gravely in our lives and deserved hell.

We also must beware lest we ourselves desert the Church. However badly bruised her members are, the Church is the true spouse of Jesus Christ with out spot or blemish. We must not become disheartened, shocked or discouraged in the apostasy of our day! Our Lord foretold this day many times in scriptures.

I can picture our Lord looking at me the same way he looked at his apostles after he told them that they must eat his body and drink his blood or they will not have life within them. Many of the disciples could not accept the teaching and they walked away from Him. Jesus sadly turned His gaze upon his apostles and said: "Will you leave me also?"  We should make the words of St. Peter our own: "Master, to whom else shall we go? You are the Holy one of God. You have the words of Eternal Life!"

Let us pray for God to help us to help Him clean house. Our job is to pray and sacrifice, as we do our best to be exemplary Catholics in word and deeds. Say your prayers fulfill your  penances and follow the requests of Our Lady at Fatima. Then wait for God! 

We will be judged on our own sins not the sins of our clergy! Did you pray for God's mercy upon them so that they do not end up in hell with all the other poor sinners? The following prayer of HONORABLE AMENDS may be recited to make reparation and to console our Lord in His sufferings over the treason of his closest friends. Oremus, Let us pray!-Spera Rose

An Act of Honorable Amends 

to the Most Holy Face of Our Lord Jesus Christ

in Reparation for the sin of blasphemy, 
the sin of the profanation of Sundays, 
and of other impious crimes against God and the Church

Most holy and most adorable Face of the Savior, humbly prostrate in Thy presence, we present ourselves before Thee, in order, by a solemn act of faith and of piety, to render to Thee the homage of veneration, praise and love which is Thy due. We also desire to offer to Thee honorable amends and a public reparation for the sins, blasphemies and sacrileges of which the present generation has rendered itself culpable towards the Divine Majesty, and which, in regard to Thee, oh well-beloved Face, renew the ignominies and the sufferings of Thy Passion.

It is with terror and profound affliction that we are witnesses of these monstrous crimes, which cannot fail to draw down upon society and upon our families, the malediction and the chastisements of Divine Justice. We see, in fact, all around us the law of the Lord and the authority of His Church despised and trodden under foot; His thrice holy Name denied or blasphemed, the Sunday which He has reserved for His worship, publicly profaned; His altars and His offices forsaken for criminal or frivolous pleasures. Impious sectarians attack all that is sacred and religious. But it is, above all, the Divinity of Christ, the Son of the living God; it is the Incarnate Word; it is the august Face and the Crucifix which they attack with the greatest fury; the spit and the blows of the Jews are renewed by the insults and the outrages which their hatred dares, in every possible manner, to inflict upon Thee, oh Face full of sweetness and of love.

Pardon, a thousand times pardon, for all these crimes! May we make amends for them by our humble supplications and the fervor of our homage. Oh, but guilty and sinful as we are, what can we offer the Eternal Father in order to appease His just anger, if it be not Thyself, oh sorrowful Face, who has deigned to make Thyself our Advocate and our Victim? Supply what may be wanting in us by Thy satisfactions and Thy merits.

Heavenly Father, we entreat Thee to look on the Face of Thy Christ. Behold the wounds which disfigure It, the tears which escape from Its sunken eyes; the sweat with which It is bathed; the blood which flows in streams down Its profaned and wounded cheeks. Behold also Its invincible patience, Its unalterable gentleness, Its infinite tenderness and Its merciful goodness towards sinners. This Holy Face is turned towards Thee, and, before exhaling Its last sigh, lovingly inclined upon the Cross, It implores Thee in favor of those who curse and outrage It. Oh Father, listen to that suppliant cry, permit Thyself to be touched; have pity on us and pardon us. Grant, moreover, that in presence of this Divine Face, equally formidable and powerful, the enemies of Thy Name may take flight and disappear; that they may be converted and live! 

May the most adorable Name of God; be adored forever and ever.
May the Holy Day of the Lord; be sanctified by all men.

May the Holy Face of Jesus; be loved by every heart.
May holy Church, our Mother; be exalted throughout the whole earth.
May our holy Father, the Pope, Vicar of Jesus Christ: be venerated by all people.
Saint Peter, Prince of the Apostles, and Patron of the Archconfraternity, pray for us.
Lord, show us Thy Face; and we shall be saved. Amen. Amen.

Taken from the Manual of the Archconfraternity of the Holy Face, 1887, Tours, France, pp. 155-158

August 31, 2018

Finding a Safe Harbor in this Current Time of Apostasy

I received a Homily from a faithful priest that was given this past Sunday, August 26th regarding the current crisis in the church. Prudence dictates that I keep the priest anonymous. His homily is included at the end of this post. 

People need to hear what he has said.  It is best for us to do all that we can during this time of crisis to keep a prayerful peace of soul. Trusting in God to purify and save his church.  

I decided to put on blinders and ignore all the blogosphere gossips and commentaries. One idiot said the church will implode from within.  I didn't read it because I was so 😠 mad!  Even if it appears true it does more harm than good to write about the crisis in this way. The Church belongs to Christ. He will support the pillars! Have Faith. 

When we die and go to meet our JUDGE He will not ask us what did we think about the Pope, or this Cardinal, or that Priest. He will be judging our transgressions against the law. We have to account for our own sins and actions. Did we help the Pope or that priest by our prayers and sacrifices, or did we Judge them? Worse yet, was our Judgement in error and did we spread our erroneous judgements? God will hold you accountable for this. PRAY FOR THEM AND WAIT FOR GOD'S INTERVENTION. These problems cannot be undone WITHOUT A DIVINE INTERVENTION. It will happen our Lady at Fatima said Her Immaculate Heart will Triumph. Do you believe it will happen? I do!  Credo!

We need life jackets to persevere and ride out the raging storms we are passing through. God gave us many warnings of the current crisis. Warnings with instructions on how to successfully pass over the raging waters. The first warnings were given in scriptures, the most relevant is the book of Jude. It is the shortest book of the Bible aptly depicting the current crisis. Read and pray over the book to see how God wants us to live through these days.

Also recall the visions of St John Bosco in the 1840s.  Remember the 2 Columns and the ship, representing the church. The pope was guiding it as it traveled through a fierce storm.   Other ships were bombing it with canons and it almost capsized. Finally seeing two columns in the distance it made its way towards them and found safety and anchored between them. The first column was the Eucharist and the second was Our Lady.  Placing its anchor here the storm could no longer toss them about in this safe harbor. Let each one of us find that safe harbor in the church wirhb the pope.

We must continually work on our own faults and deepen our personal union with Jesus. Taking the speck from our own eyes first so we can see clearly how to help our brethren. Our strength will come from the Eucharist and Our Lady;

Her message at Fatima pleaded for us to:
"Pray, pray very much and make sacrifices for poor sinners! Many souls go to Hell because there is no one to pray and sacrifices for them!"

      Homily by a faithful priest 
      Sunday, August 26, 2018 “If it does not please  you to serve the  Lord, decide today  / whom you will serve.” “Far be  it from us to forsake  the Lord.” –  Words from the first  scripture, the Book of Joshua. The desertion of the disciples of  Christ recounted in this Gospel must have been  a source of great grief to the  Divine  Teacher who  was instructing  them on how  to attain eternal life; but they  would have none  of it. 

This was not the first time God had been spurned and  dismissed by  ungrateful men who want anything else but what God offers them. What is it that fallen humanity  seeks?  Pleasures of the flesh and of the tongue,  having  lots of money, being  held in esteem by  others, having  good looks, being considered  important,  and  having not eternal life hereafter but ongoing life in this world. These are the  base aspirations of many  men–base  even by  human standards, for it might  be that someone would wish to gain knowledge about  many good  things.  That’s  a  far  more noble thing  than those just mentioned. 

There  may also  be  the  desire  to achieve  virtue, that is, to become a  good man, a good woman.  That’s  certainly  a  worthwhile  goal,  and  there  are  a  few  honorable  people  who seek this.  And there  are  other good things that one  might aspire  to: creating art or writing; having  worthy and satisfying employment; mastering  skills in  language, music, sport,  or craft; better  yet: offering oneself  in  service  to  humanity  by  being a teacher,  a physician,  a helper  to  the poor,  the suffering, or the hungry. So then: there are  unworthy, ignoble  human pursuits,  and there are worthy  ones. Yet any  and all of these have  not a penny’s weight to  claim a  reward in  the next life when they’re  done on the  natural  human level. (Saint Paul went so  far  as  to say that giving up all one’s possessions, and even giving up one’s body  to be burned alive, would be devoid of any  value!) On the other hand, even  the most  menial  occupation  (“digging  ditches” was  once  said  to  be among  these)  can  gain  huge dividends in heaven  if  they’re  done in a state  of grace and with  a supernatural intention. All depends on  the  state  of  one’s  soul and  the  reason motivating  the  good deeds. 

Christ’s  followers must live for  God  and have  eternity  as the goal of their whole being. If they’re insincere  about  that  they’re fools  to  be mocked  and  despised.  There’s no gain in  feigning,  pretending, to be Christian: that is, in talking  about being  religious but  contradicting  it by  one’s  deeds and real intentions. The Church is suffering with gaping wounds today  because many  fake  Catholics, fake  priests, and bishops, and cardinals are  being  unmasked and revealed for what they  really  are. And by  “fake” (a term indelibly  entrenched in current  usage  by  President Trump) I  don’t mean that they’re  not legitimately baptized or ordained. I mean rather  that they are  insincere  in their intention to serve God and obey  His commandments.

 There are many  variations of  these phoney  Catholics. There’s the Socialite-Catholic who’s religious only  for outward respectability  by  his  neighbors; there’s the Cultural-Catholic who’s enamored with Catholic literature, history, ceremony, philosophy, or art but not  with its  beliefs and its moral restrictions on conduct; there’s the Professional Catholic who serves on church boards, or  who works in chancery  offices,  or who is otherwise employed by  the Church; most  egregious  of all  are the Professional  Clergy  whose ministry  is  a merely  a job  to  make a  living, and to have  position and prestige  because  of  the  Church,  but who abuse youth, who spend Church monies on themselves, who don’t believe in  the Gospel  and in  the doctrines of the Church and who sell  the  Church  out to  leftists such  as politicians or media personalities who support abortion or gay rights  and who  still  think  they’re  Catholics but are  nothing  of the sort. 

The  quotation from today’ Psalm is apropos  of them: “The  Lord confronts the evildoers to destroy  remembrance of them from the earth.”  We call them  apostates.  Here’s God’s judgment on such people, according to Saint Peter: “it would have  been better for  them  never to have known  the way of justice, than after having known it, to  turn back  (2 Peter 2:21). As our Lord said of Judas, the original apostate, “Woe to that man by whom the Son of man is betrayed: it were  better for him,  had he  never been born” (Mt 26:24). To  see these “convictions”  as divine justice meted out to the deserters, opportunists, and the fakes is only  one side of the  whole picture. There’s also  God’s  side–the grief  of Christ being  forsaken by His own people. The  sufferings our Lord endured to redeem humanity  are  as  far  as  it’s  possible  to go  to win them. There’s  nothing more God could have done  to  save them,  because He  will not save them against their  will.  

The  great mystery  is that there  are  some,  perhaps  many, who  prefer evil  to goodness, darkness to light, sin to grace, salvation to damnation. The  sin  of  apostasy  (leaving  Christ,  or  being  a  religious  fake)  is  an outrage  to our  Redeemer and  is now becoming the  ruination  of the Church.  I’m  sad  for  God!  That may be a simpleton’s clumsy  way of expressing  the would-be  exasperation  of  the  Heart  of  Christ, vulnerable  to the  treason of these deserters, deceivers,  and connivers. Nor should  we exculpate ourselves simply  because our sins or our half-hearted Catholicism are have not been made public knowledge. We too must answer to God for our  sins. There  are  altogether  too many bad things  besetting  the Church and  the good society  of men. It’s too much, too great, approaching  a breaking point

Solutions, however, are readily at hand, as they  have always been: prayer (with some fasting)  for  the conversion  or the ousting  of the fakes and the predators; and striving mightily  to  be very  good and sincere Catholics ourselves. If we  deeply  and honestly  desire  the  glory  of  God,  we  will  remain  true  to  Christ  and  to  the  Catholic  faith  and  refuse to  be  defeated by  the  disheartening  apostasy  and  scandal that’s taking  place. There  is  no alternative way  of  being  Catholic  but  to  believe  wholeheartedly  in  Christ  and  in  the  Church  He  founded, the Church which, as Saint Paul instructs us, is “without spot or wrinkle or  any  such thing...holy  and without blemish.” The Church is the true  spouse of Christ; she’s not a fake in what she  teaches and in what she offers us, and she most assuredly  is not given to  us  to be a pretense  for the wicked and the insincere  to hide behind. We  must  beware  lest  we  ourselves  become  deserters!  (a  temptation  from  hell).  Fidelity,  sincerity, true  devotion:  this  is Catholicism. “Far be  it from us to forsake  the Lord” (words we  heard from the first  lesson). 

We must  not  become  discouraged over  the shocking  apostasy  of this present time, nor should we join in it. There’s  nowhere else  to go  but  to  stay with the  Lord and  with the  authentic  faith of the Catholic Church. Ours ought to be  the words  of Saint  Peter in  this  Gospel:  “Master, to  whom else  shall  we  go?  You  are  the Holy  One of  God.” “Faith of our fathers, holy  faith. We will be true to thee  till death.”

Please pray for this priest and all faithful priests to find the safe harbor between the two pillars of the Eucharist and Our Lady as we wait for the Lord to cleanse His House and right all the wrongs. Oremus pro Inviciem; Let us pray for each other!-Spera Rose

June 13, 2018

Fatima Miracle the greatest supernatural event of the 20th century does not belong to domain of faith or science it is an historical event!

The Miracle of the Sun has been characterized as the greatest supernatural occurrence of the 20th century and does not belong to the domain of faith or science it is an historical event!
The miracle of the sun as viewed by so many in other alleged apparitions did not happen in the same extraordinary manner as at Fatima witnessed by everyone present and in a 70 mile radius by believers and unbelievers alike. This was a supernatural event something only God can do. Other similar manifestations of the Miracle of the Sun at other alleged Marian apparitions may be extraordinary to those who witness them but not supernatural in character. These fall in the realm of preternatural or angelic causes. Then we must discern is this from the good angel or a bad angel. The devil has also appeared to mystics as Jesus and Mary. Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich and Bl. Anna Maria Taggi both stated that if they had not seen Jesus and Mary previously when the devil appeared as such they would have been deceived. According to present church law the bishop of the diocese has the charisma from God to confirm the authenticity and origin of alleged apparitions occurring within their own diocese. God has the power to convince and bring an unbelieving bishop to his knees as he did for Juan Diego when he opened his tilma and presenting a double miracle, Roses out of season cascading to the floor and a miraculous image of Our Lady imprinted on Juan Diego’s Tilma.

Witnesses of the Miracle of the sun, a supernatural historical event, testified to the terrifying nature of the solar miracle.
Maria Carreira stated that: “The sun turned everything in view different colors, yellow, blue, white, and it shook and trembled; it seemed like a wheel of fire which was going to fall on the people. They cried out: 'We shall all be killed, we shall all be killed!’... At last the sun stopped moving and we all breathed a sigh of relief. We were still alive and the miracle which the children had foretold had taken place. Other people witnessed the solar miracle from a distance thus ruling out the possibility of any type of collective hallucination. A final intriguing, and important, point was that the heat of the sun, as it descended on the people, also had the effect of drying their clothes and the ground, so that they went from being completely soaked to being dry in about ten minutes. The people who witnessed this stupendous event were frightened believing that they were all going to die.


Servant of God Fr. John Hardon, S. J.
"It was no coincidence that the solar phenomenon at Fatima came only several months after the basic message of Fatima had been communicated to the children. The phenomenon had to have a purpose for its occurrence, and the message had to have a divine confirmation of its authenticity. When the phenomenon occurred in October, it was witnessed by thousands of people, friendly and unfriendly, simple believers and professed skeptics, those disposed to believe Our Lady’s message and others who were openly hostile to what the Blessed Virgin was reported to have said. In God’s providence the hostility of the skeptics was necessary to give rational grounds for believing what the children said the beautiful Lady was telling them. All the reports of those who witnessed the spectacle of the sun testify to their stupefaction at what they saw. No one, not even the most hardened agnostic, doubted that what he saw was a prodigy. This was necessary to provide the rational foundation for accepting, on faith, the Marian message of Fatima because of the solar event which everybody had to accept, as a fact, perceived by the senses.

Why, then, was the solar prodigy of Fatima necessary?   It was necessary in order to satisfy our spontaneous need for giving rational credence to what Mary was telling Lucia, Francisco, and Jacinta. The children did not need the solar phenomenon to believe what Our Lady was telling them. But we do. It is not coincidental that Mary asked her Divine Son to work the miracle at Cana as the first of the signs performed by her Son. Immediately, we are told, his disciples believed in Him. She has been doing the same ever since. As God, He is master of the sun, moon and stars which He created. Her message at Fatima was to tell a sinful world to stop offending the Divine Majesty and to repent of their sins. As at Cana, she asked Jesus to work a miracle. At Cana, as the poet said, the water looked at its Maker and blushed. At Fatima the sun looked at its Maker and whirled in dazzling splendor to acknowledge its Creator." Excerpt From Soul Magazine Vol. 43 - #5, September-October 1992, pp. 10-11  Copyright © 1999 by Inter Mirifica

The Third part of the Secret of Fatima took place during the miracle of the sun and was revealed by Bl. John Paul II during the beatification of Jacinta and Francesco Marto.

We learned that during the Miracle of the Sun while everyone was taken up with the solar events the children also witnessed the Angel of God's descending towards the earth crying out three times in a loud voice that thundered  "PENANCE! PENANCE! PENANCE!” Lucia describes what they saw as those around them were taken up with the solar event that authenticated the Fatima Apparitions: Lucia writes: 

"We saw an Angel with a flaming sword in his left hand; flashing, it gave out flames that looked as though they would set the world on fire; but they died out in contact with the splendor that Our Lady radiated towards him from her right hand: Pointing to the earth with his right hand, the Angel cried out in a loud voice: 
  ‘Penance! Penance! Penance!'  

 A drawing from J. Gill illustrating the third part of the secret pf Fatima,
        taken from the book of Sister Lucia of Fatima, “Calls from the Message of
       Fatima”,Secção de Livraria, Cova da Iria 2496-908 Fatima, Portugalcaption
..And we also saw in an immense light that is God: ‘something similar to how people appear in a mirror when they pass in front of it' a Bishop dressed in White ‘we had the impression that it was the Holy Father'. Other Bishops, Priests, Religious men and women were going up a steep mountain, at the top of which there was a big Cross of rough-hewn trunks as of a cork-tree with the bark; before reaching there the Holy Father passed through a big city half in ruins and half trembling with halting step, afflicted with pain and sorrow, he prayed for the souls of the corpses he met on his way; having reached the top of the mountain, on his knees at the foot of the big Cross he was killed by a group of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him, and in the same way there died one after another the other Bishops, Priests, Religious men and women, and various lay people of different ranks and positions. Beneath the two arms of the Cross there were two Angels each with a crystal aspersorium in his hand, in which they gathered up the blood of the Martyrs and with it sprinkled the souls that were making their way to God."

Sister Lucia already gave us an indication for interpreting the third part of the “secret” in a letter to the Holy Father on May 12, 1982. Here Sr. Lucia writes:
Fatima in Lucia's Own Words
"The third part of the secret is a symbolic revelation, and is conditioned by whether we accept or not what the Message itself asks of us: ‘If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, etc. Since we did not heed this appeal of the Message, we see that it has been fulfilled; Russia has invaded the world with her errors. And if we have not yet seen the complete fulfillment of the final part of this prophecy, we are going towards it little by little with great strides. If we do not reject the path of sin, hatred, revenge, injustice, violations of the rights of the human person, immorality and violence, etc. And let us not say that it is God who is punishing us in this way; on the contrary it is people themselves who are preparing their own punishment. In his kindness God warns us and calls us to the right path, while respecting the freedom he has given us; hence the people are responsible”.

For God's faithful in this age of apostasy and perversion, it is more necessary now than ever that we carefully heed the admonitions of the Angel and Our Lady with a sincere amendment of life, and increased prayer.
Our Lady asked especially for the five first Saturdays, the daily Rosary with meditation upon the Mysteries, sacrifice of our daily duty, and consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.If we hope to persevere in this age of apostasy, we must take to heart and apply in our daily lives the admonition of the Gospels! UNLESS YE DO PENANCE, YOU SHALL ALL LIKEWISE PERISH! These times do not permit anymore "easy living" for those of us who desire salvation. If we do not reject the spirit of the world, we have chosen it for our master -- if we continue to live by the material standards of our modern society we shall lose our souls "no man can serve two masters"! Such a difficult truth is not easy to accept for us, who live in a society rotting with the cancer of materialism and glorification of the flesh! 

Who is our master? Christ or the world?
What daily penance and mortification do we practice so that we will not "likewise PERISH"? In the second apparition of the Angel in 1916 he told the children: “Offer prayers and sacrifices continually to the Most High. Make everything you do a sacrifice, and offer it as an act of reparation for the sins by which God is offended, and as a petition for the conversion of sinners.” If we chose to scorn these warnings of Divine Mercy that Our Lord is giving through his Mother at Fatima we may soon reap the wrath of Divine Justice, for we have freely chosen it! We must purify ourselves or be purified! 

The action of God, the Lord of history, and the co-responsibility of man in the drama of his creative freedom, are the two pillars upon which human history is built.
Fatima reminds us that man's future is in God, and that we are active and responsible partners in creating that future. What will that future be? It is up to us what we choose to do today


May 12, 2018

May 13th Fatima and Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament!

May 13th is the anniversary of the First apparition of Our Lady at Fatima. It is also the Feast of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament.  
Our Lord Sent his Holy Mother to Fatima, with his requests for the Church to avert future trials for humanity.  

Our Lord by sending his Holy Mother on the 13th of May is speaking in the unfolding of His Providence on the importance of the Eucharist and the Fatima Message! 

Also see A call to Eucharistic Reparation

St. Peter Julian Emyard

In 1868, Saint Peter Julian Eymard first gave the title Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament to Mary in order to honor her in her relationship to the Holy Eucharist and to place her before us as a model in our duties and devotion to the Blessed Sacrament.


In 1921 the Sacred Congregation of Rite authorized the Blessed Sacrament Congregations to celebrate each year, on the 13th of May, a "solemn commemoration of the Blessed Virgin," with the intention of honoring Mary under the title of "Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament." This Feast is still celebrated today by all the spiritual sons and daughters of St. Peter Julian Eymard.

Our Lady gives witness in her conduct toward the Blessed Sacrament, we learn from her what ours should be!

 "The Eucharist began at Bethlehem in Mary's arms.  It was she who brought to humanity the Bread for which it was famishing, and which alone can nourish it. She it was who took care of that Bread for us. It was she who nourished the Lamb whose life-giving Flesh we feed upon,"- St. Peter Julian Eymard

It is through Mary, the Mother of the Eucharist that fallen humanity will  find its way back to God. God was pleased to come into the world the first time through this simple handmaid and he will also return triumphant at the end of time through her. Our Lady will lead the Church to a happy union with her Divine Spouse if we choose to obey her requests that come from God. Let us follow these requests at Fatima today tomorrow may be too late!

A Prayer to Our Lady
of the Blessed Sacrament

Virgin Mother Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament you are called  “SPIRITUAL VESSEL” and “VESSEL of HONOR.”  --SINGULAR VESSEL OF DEVOTION--Because you carried Jesus in your body. You are the precious vessel which held him.

I can never be as spotless—as exquisitely beautiful as you are.
Yet I want so much to be his vessel too.   I want to be his ciborium, that through me he may give himself as food—to those who are hungry for Him. –I want to be his monstrance, to show him and my faith in him to everyone I come in contact with. I want to be his “vessel of honor”—and, when I go to the sick—to carry him to them.
But to be a spiritual vessel like you,
--I must first be emptied of self and sin.

Help me my Lady of the Blessed Sacrament to make room for your Jesus in my heart. Help me to fight to keep on fighting against all the evil in me. Will you, at the offertory of every Mass said today, ask Jesus to change the badness in me—into his goodness, as truly as the bread is changed into his Body and Blood?

Ask your Jesus in the host I pray you, to fashion me, mold me form me into a “spiritual vessel”—That I may carry him within me always—wherever I go. Amen

April 3, 2018

St. John Paul II You Live On! "Be Not Afraid Open your Hearts to the Love and Light that is Christ!"

St. John Paul's Witness -His Life and Death
A Cry for the Mercy of God!

Thirteen years ago, on April 2, 2005, St. John Paul II passed away. Millions of people mourned his death the world over, as  the bells of St. Peter's Square somberly tolled continuously over and over again to mourn his passing .

"Unceasingly the Church implores from God mercy for everyone. At no time and in no historical period -- especially at a moment as critical as our own -- can the Church forget the prayer that is a cry for the mercy of God amid the many forms of evil which weigh upon humanity and threaten it. "The more the human conscience succumbs to secularization, loses its sense of the very meaning of the word "mercy," moves away from God, and distances itself from the mystery of mercy, the more the Church has the right and the duty to appeal to the God of mercy with loud cries!  Bl. John Paul II June 7, 1977  Divine Mercy Shrine in Lagiewniki, Poland.(Dives in Misericordia, n. 15).

On the seventh anniversary of his death  a documentary was compiled from ROME REPORTS'  "John Paul The Great: A Pope Who Made History" 

 St. John Paul II and Feast of Divine Mercy 

The beatifications of Jacinta and Francisco at Fatima on May 13, 2000 and the canonization of St Faustina with the Institution of the Feast of Divine Mercy on April 30, 2000, undoubtedly will be considered one of the most momentous events in the history of the Church in the new millennium. They both took place during the Great Jubilee year a little over a week apart from each other.  
 I was blessed by God in his providence to be present at both these historic events in the the Church. A religious community obtained tickets for our small group in Rome and we were seated near St Faustina's Community, the Sisters of Mercy. 
I recall all my joy  at being there standing on my chair when the Holy Father arrived and waving madly for him to see me. Finally his eyes met mine and he smiled at me! He was probably laughing inside at the crazy lady standing on her chair among all the dignitaries present. Very undignified of me but I didn't care!  I will never forget that moment and his smile as long as I live.God gave me the gift of that moment with the pope during the Great Jubilee. The gift of his smile I will always cherish.   : )    
 I was a long time devote of St Faustina and the Divine Mercy Message and well acquainted with here diary. I  used it for some time for my spiritual reading. On the institution of the Feast of Mercy. (1044 - 1049) St Faustina  recorded in her diary thevision  as she saw the Institution of the Feast of Divine Mercy taking place simultaneously in her community and in Rome. She did not understand how but the people were able to experience the institution of the Feast at the same time whether they were in Rome or in Cracow.  

As you read St. Faustina's account description you will note that God also kept from her that she was seeing her own canonization on that day without knowing it. We also did not know either that the pope was going to institute the Feast of Divine Mercy when we attended her canonization, although there was speculation that he would do so. AS the pope made the announcement I did not understand the language but noted the air was electrified wit suspense and I knew something momentous was being said as the pope made the announcement. Later, overwhelmed at the Mercy God bestowed on me, recalling this grace to be present at this time has served as a source encouragement to persevere in hope in the trials and afflictions that followed.
April 30, 2000- St Faustina's Canonization
St. Faustina described the ceremony in her diary on the 23rd March, 1937, that would take place on  April 30, 2000 in Rome and in Cracow simultaneously via internet web TV.  St. Faustina wrote: “Suddenly, God’s presence took hold of me, and at once I saw myself in Rome, in the Holy Father’s chapel and at the same time I was in our chapel. and the celebration of the Holy Father and the entire Church was closely connected with our chapel and, in a very special way, with our Congregation. And I took part in the solemn celebration simultaneously here and in Rome, for the celebration was so closely connected with Rome that, even as I write, I cannot distinguish the two but I am writing it down as I saw it. Everyone was participating in the celebrations with great joy, and many of them obtained what they desired. The same celebration was held in Rome, in a beautiful church, and the Holy Father, with all the clergy, was celebrating this Feast, and then suddenly I saw Saint Peter, who stood between the altar and the Holy Father.   I then looked at the immense crowd worshiping the Divine Mercy and I said to the Lord: Jesus, bless all those who are gathered to give glory to You and to venerate Your infinite mercy. Jesus made a sign of the cross with His hand, and this blessing was reflected in the souls like a flash of light." 

Rome St. Faustina's Canonization
During the ceremonies I wondered in the back of my head if the new saint saw me present, did she see me waving to the Pope back then in 1937?  What a thought the Communion of Saints. After the Canonization in Rome our group we went off to Lourdes and then to Fatima to meet the pope once again on May 13th  for the Beatification of Jacinta and Francesco. Another historic event in the church for the Fatima Message. Linking Fatima with the Message of Divine Mercy.  The Graces received from these events have sustained me in the sufferings God allowed me live through in the years that followed. When I recall the great gifts God bestowed on me and the whole world during the Great Jubilee I am filled with gratitude and hope.  If only souls myself included avail themselves to them. 
There is much fruit to be gleaned in meditation if we take the time to do this letting God speak to us on these mysteries in Providence and on the legacy that  Bl.John Paul II left us. What will we do with it? If we really love him as he loved humanity we will follow his footsteps the way he pointed out to us!

Jesus I trust in you! My life is wrapped in the Mercy of God and in the mantle of the Fatima Message. In a 1977 speech at the Shrine of Divine Mercy in Poland Bl. John Paul II  said  "And if a person responds with a sincere heart: "Jesus, I trust in you," he will find comfort in all his anxieties and fears. In this dialogue of abandonment, there is established between man and Christ a special bond that sets love free there is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear" (1 Jn 4:18)  Pope John Paul II June 7, 1977  at Shrine of Divine Mercy in Lagiewniki, Poland.
Divine Mercy and the Fatima Message!   
Our Lord used St. John Paul II in the Great Jubilee Year and Linked in Divine Providence the Message of Divine Mercy with the Fatima Message. There is so much for meditation on this. Maybe in a future post we can delve deeper into this mystery. 

May 13, 2000 Beatifications at Fatima
St. John Paul II  is also  known as the Fatima Pope as he was imaged in the 3rd secret. When he beatified the Jacinta and Francisco on May 13, 2000, he also revealed at the same time the complete text of the 3rd Secret to the world.  The assassination attempt on his life took place on a Fatima day May 13th,1981.

The bullet that shot the pope
is in the center pointing down
One year later after his attempted assassination,he made a pilgrimage to Fatima to Thank Our Lady for her intercession sparing his life and to leave the bullet removed from his body that was later placed in her crown.  John Paul II's assessment, "It was a mother's hand that guided the bullet's path"  She permitted the dying pope to stop on the threshold of death

The Canonization of St. John Paul II
Was a Joyful Event for the Church 
and All Who Loved Him!

St.  John Paul II  the Fatima Pope was Beatified on May 1, 2011 which also was the first Sunday after Easter, Divine Mercy Sunday.  Benedict XVI explained that the date was chosen for the beatification because it was on the eve of Mercy Sunday that his earthly life ended. "Those who knew him, those who esteemed and loved him, cannot but rejoice with the Church for this event."  

John Paul II. was finally canonized with Pope John XXIII on April 27,2014 by Pope Francis in an unprecedented ceremony witnessed by huge crowds gathered in Vatican City.

Pope Benedict XVI Remembers  
World Youth Day & Bl. John Paul II

On April 2, 2012  the seventh anniversary of the death of Blessed John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI paid homage to one of his predecessor's undertakings: World Youth Day. While he Greeted an estimated 5,000 cheering young people from Spain on April 2, Pope Benedict said they were "the protagonists and principal recipients of this pastoral initiative promoted by my beloved predecessor, Blessed John Paul II, whose passage to heaven we remember today. "Each and every person has a vocation, a call from God that is the key to each person's holiness and happiness, as well as being a call to create a better world," the pope told the youth.  Read more.....

Open Wide Your Hearts
To the Love and Light that is Christ!

   John Paul II--You Live On! You Live On!


I bear a special love for Poland, and if she will be obedient to My will, I will exalt her in might and holiness. From her will come forth the spark that will prepare the world for My final coming(Diary, 1732).

                John Paul II  Patron of World Youth Day 

                                   Ora pro nobis!