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October 15, 2013

Revised, The Eucharistic Miracle of Gruaro Italy-1294 Bishops, Priests Please Help Stop the Abuses!!

As far back as the Council of Trent  the teaching on the Holy Eucharist being Christ in all of its parts: "If anyone denies that the whole Christ is contained in the venerable sacrament of the Eucharist under each species and under every part of each species, each minute particle when the separation has been made: let him be anathema (DS 1653)

Eucharistic Miracle of Gruaro-Valvasone
In 244 Origen taught: "Reverence should be given to the smallest particle of the host. I admonish you as you take part in the Divine Mysteries, when you have received the Body of the Lord; you exercise every care lest a particle fall and any of the consecrated gift perish. You are guilty, and rightly so, if any of it be lost through negligence.”

The following is my personal testimony of the Litany of ongoing abuses still taking place  within the church some recurring on a daily basis.  

Over the years I have been distraught over the incomprehension of good Catholics who are blinded as to cause and effect how we treat God and his blessings being withdrawn from men. Look at the state of affairs in our country. The evil spirit is using both democrats and republicans both sides are wrong!

God himself is in the Blessed Sacrament and we continue to treat him as if he was nothing but a casual piece of bread. There is a causal effect from the numerous sacrileges occurring with the blessed Sacrament and our inability to defeat the daily murders taking place in abortions.

21 week baby clasps doctors finger from the womb during operation. Photo ©Speramus-We Hope
The baby in the womb is an Image of God, (Imago Dei ) and these are  also victims to the hedonism of the times. It is  my opionion that these babies murdered in the womb are Every much  victims for the body of Christ  in the Blessed Sacrament as the Holy Innocents, killed by Herod were victims for his mortal human life while he lived on earth. 

 Apostasy from Truth

We have slipped down the slipper slope of apostasy from truth, error and sacrilege. If we truly believed what the church has taught for centuries  regarding the Blessed Sacrament we would do everything to bring these abuses to an end. 

A veritable Litany of Abuses
The following Eucharistic abuses I have had the unfortunate experience to witness were reported when this post was first published in 2009. Since that time I am updating this post in 2013 and I am aware that our new archbishop has finally corrected the following sacrilege that was ongoing for years. A priest in my archdiocese told us about in a homily when he was frustrated at the lack of results to correct the abuse.  A Mass of Reparation was offered at the offending parish. They were pouring the left over consecrated blood into the sacristy drain. Thats OK except for the fact that the drain was not going directly into the ground it was connected to the city sewer.  Yes  unbelievable Our Lord let this happen and for many years the precious blood of Jesus was mixed with mans sewage waste! It is unfathomable for me to comprehend that this took place for years when many people had reported it. Finally the new archbishop had the courage to confront the offending priest and parish to correct the situation! How many more similiar offenses are taking place.

How long O Lord will You endure this generation!

I have witnessed a hospital chapel where Our Lord was strewn on the floor and particles were visible in the glass tabernacle on the corporal. Down the hall was a vacuum cleaner! I consumed all of the particles on the ground and took the largest one to the Sister Chaplain telling her she would be responsible before God for all of the lost particles. Her reply: "If I am responsible for  all of the lost particles I would never get anyone to become a Eucharistic Minister."

How many times I have come across extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist who are not properly trained for their commission by their bishops or pastors.  
Captioned A Halloween Mass --My Jesus Mercy!

They were never taught to purify their pyx so consecrated particles remain and our Lord is carried to unspeakable places even into the rest rooms.  One deacon was upset with me when I went up to him one day and asked him what he was doing letting Our Lord rest on the Cafeteria table in the pyx as he stopped to smoke a cigarette. His reply: "God is everywhere and I take him to the bathroom when I have to go!"  

I am not in agreement with some of the posts by Tradition in Action Blog  but this one is worth noting. They posted the following article: "On November 26, 2006 at Corpus Christ Parish, Aliso Viejo, California, Fr. Fred Bailey promoted a Halloween Mass. At the event, the Eucharist was distributed by a woman dressed as a devil, above; canticles were sung from the pulpit by a witch, and some of the musicians were also in satanic costumes. At the end of the Mass, Fr. Bailey himself appeared in a Barney costume to bless the attendees The worst aspect of this clownish-satanic Mass was the desecration of the Holy Eucharist. To watch a video on that Mass click here

I have also traveled in the past to many places in the US, Canada as well as Europe and have witnessed similar abuses. How long will the Lord tolerate us? How long will he put up with us? 

I have witnessed priests breaking the extra large hosts while held over their heads. Consecrated particles falling into their hair on their shoulders, on the altar and the ground only to be trampled on by the Eucharistic ministers who approach the altar. Later after Mass brushed out of the priests hair the next time he combed it.  Wherever that may be I don't want to think!  Our Lord is present even in the smallest particle of the Host, and in the smallest particle that may fall to the ground.  It is the TEACHING OF THE CHURCH!
A host that leaves excessive particles behind

Then there is the back wards spirit. One parish the people kneel piously  at the  communion rail and even use the Paten. However, those who wish to receive in the hand do so. Unfortunately the priest uses the very large host that he breaks up in small pieces to give to the people  for communion.   After they receive on their hands they promptly use them to help themselves rise from their spot. How many particles are left behind on the communion rail or floor?

Over the centuries  beginning with the Council of Trent countless church documents were written and  concerned with the reverence that we owe to the Blessed Sacrament.  Over and over the church has demanded that we take every precaution that no particle of the Host not even the smallest is left open for desecration in any way.  

Are we living in the Great Apostasy?  2 Thessalonians 2 

God will send them a strong delusion, so they will believe lies since they refused to accept the truth!

Fatima Begins and Ends with the Eucharist!

I firmly believe that we are living in the times prophesied by St Paul in 2ndThessalonians 2  The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, 10 and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11 And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, 12 that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.
Where is the source of our apostasy our  digression from the truth? Where have we preferred a lie for the truth?  Disobedience to the moral teachings of the popes.  We are suffering the moral and social consequences of  the first sin of Adam and Eve by our  own disobedience to the teaching authority of the popes.

Humane Vitea Prophetic Encyclical 

Humane Vitea "so controversial, yet so crucial 
for humanity's future."  Benedict XVI 2008

On July 25, 1968.  Paul VI issued the encyclical Humanae Vitae  on Human Life.  Subtitled "On the Regulation of Birth", the encyclical re-affirmed the traditional teaching of the Catholic Church regarding abortion, contraception, and other issues pertaining to human life. The encyclical has been controversial because of its prohibition of all forms of artificial contraception, and did not set will with the new cultural revolution taking place. 

Humanae Vitae  Controversial as it was,  and still ignored in many liberal Catholic circles, is today regarded as prophetic. Its predictions about the effects of contraception on society are a blueprint for the sufferings of our times.  

First, Pope Paul VI,  stated that "artificial methods of birth control will open  the way of lowering of moral standards for the young and  lead to marital infidelity. Second, the use of contraception will lead to the lowering of respect for women; husbands will regard their wives as mere instruments to serve their own desires. Thirdly, the use of artificial methods of contraception, Pope Paul VI warned, will be a dangerous tool in the hands of government or public authorities who care little about the moral law, and who may force the use of contraceptives on everyone.Look at China and other communist countries. Pope Paul VI  was deeply grieved at the rebellion of many of the bishops of the day and did not issue any additional encyclicals in the remaining ten years of his pontificate.
Bishops and priests remember that you will have to account to Our Lord for these abuses of the Blessed Sacrament by those under your charge!

"My God I beg your pardon for all those who do not believe. do not adore, do not hope, and do not love you!  Most Holy Trinity I adore you and I offer you the most precious body, blood soul and divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ present in all the tabernacles of the world in reparation for the outrages sacrileges and differences by which he is offended. By the infinite merits of his most sacred heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary I beg the conversion of all poor sinners." --Angel of Peace at Fatima 1916

BL. John Paul II, soon to be canonized, left us a great legacy on the Holy Eucharist  in many documents warning and pleading with us not to abandon our Faith in the Eucharist or diminish the respect the greatness of this Sacrament deserves. "By giving the Eucharist the prominence it deserves, and by being careful not to diminish any of its dimensions or demands, we show that we are truly conscious of the greatness of this gift. We are urged to do so by an uninterrupted tradition, which from the first centuries on has found the Christian community ever vigilant in guarding this “treasure”. Inspired by love, the Church is anxious to hand on to future generations of Christians, without loss, her faith and teaching with regard to the mystery of the Eucharist. There can be no danger of excess in our care for this mystery, for “in this sacrament is recapitulated the whole mystery of our salvation”. Bl. John Paul II  ECCLESIA DE EUCHARISTIA

What are you doing to defend 
the Body of Christ?

 Lord I beg you remove the blindness from our eyes so that we can see the abyss we are descending into before it is too late. The events of 9/11 and the world wide financial melt down are all warnings. Bishops and priests instruct your extraordinary ministers and choose them well! Listen to our Lady and make reparation for these sacrileges!

It is a Wonder That We Finite Creatures Created by an Infinite God are Able to Console Him by Worthily Receiving Him in Holy Communion! The Angel at Fatima taough this to the shepeherd children before the Blessed Virgin appeared to them. They also had a Eucharistic Mission! Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist use Common Sense! Remember Whom you Carry and Where you are Taking Him!  

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Take and Drink the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ horribly outraged by ungrateful men. Repair their crimes and console your God!

The particles of the Blessed Sacrament are the Eternal, Loving, life-giving Gold of God! Let us make reparation for those who no longer discern the "Hidden Jesus" in the Most Blessed Sacrament!

Eucharistic Miracles Vatican International Exhibition
A Photographic Exhibition of Church Approved Eucharistic Miracles from 750 A.D. - 2000

The above photo of the Eucharistic Miracle of Gruaro, Italy is copyrighted by ©Speramus-We Hope via Real Presence Association  You are invited to visit their web page for a complete listing of Vatican approved Eucharistic Miracles. 

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  1. This is such an important topic that we must not take lightly and the biggest reason to ALWAYS RECEIVE ON THE TONGUE AND NOT IN THE HAND!

  2. I am so happy that Benedict XVI encourages this form of reception by example! In one parish I attend the people kneel for communion and you have the option to receive on the tongue or the hand. They also use a patten for those of us who receive on the tongue. But the people who just received Our Lord in their hands place their hands on the rail to help themselves get up! I will be publishing a post when I have time called Gold dust.How jewerly makers use special tools and clothing to collect even the dust from the gold as they work on jewlery--How much more should we do for the Blessed Sacrament! Pray for our Bishops!