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February 13, 2013

The Fatima Message Embraces Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, with Prayer and Sacrifice!

Benedict XVI announced with simple solemnity before a group of cardinals, from February 28 at 8pm the episcopal See of Rome will be vacant, and immediately after a conclave will be convoked to elect a Successor of the Apostle Peter. The Pope specified this in the brief text he composed directly in Latin and read in the consistory. Full text of popes declaration
Benedict XVI's renunciation of the papacy is an event without precedent that, went around the world. Pope Benedict has not decided to "resign" his office, but to renounce it. The distinction is important. He will not be a "retired Pope," but he will be, simply "Cardinal Ratzinger" once again. There will be no danger of "two Popes" -- this present Pope will no longer be a Pope, not even a retired one. 


According to Vatican Spokesman Federico Lombardi, the pope's Fishermans ring, the symbol of the papacy will likely be broken after he officially steps down February 28, but he stressed that experts were working to determine proper etiquette.

"The Celestine Sign"
According to Dr Robert Moynihan in his Reflections on Pope Benedict's Decision to Resign at the End of February, He stated in his reflections in  The Moynihan Report Letter #7  he stated that "We already knew three years ago that the Pope might do what he announced, On February 11. We knew that he might do it, but no one knew he would do it now!" Also see article by Robert Moynihan tiltled the Celestine Sign published June 30, 2010

"....on April 29, 2009, Benedict did something unusual. He left his own "pallium," the sign of his episcopal authority and his connection to Christ, on a tomb in Aquila, Italy. The tomb held the remains of a medieval Pope, Celestine V (1209-1296).  Celestine V  who was the first pope to formalize the resignation process and is said to have been the first to resign. "

"In fact several popes had previously resigned under pressure to do so, including Pontian (235) and Benedict IX (1045). As noted above, Celestine's own decision was brought about by mild pressure from the Church establishment. His re institution of Gregory X's conclave system has been respected ever since.
IN 1966  Pope Paul VI  visited Celestine's place of death in Ferentino. His speech in homage of Celestine prompted speculation back then that the pontiff was also considering retirement.  Celestine's remains survived the 2009 L'Aquila earthquake and  one Italian spokesman said it was "another great miracle by the pope". While inspecting the earthquake damage during a 28 April 2009 visit to the Aquila, Pope Benedict XVI visited Celestine's remains in the badly damaged Santa Maria di Collemaggio and left the woolen pallium he wore during his papal inauguration in April 2005 on the glass casket as a gift. To mark the 800th anniversary of Celestine's birth, Pope Benedict XVI proclaimed the Celestine year from 28 August 2009 through 29 August 2010."  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"What earlier generations held as sacred, remains sacred and great for us too, and it cannot be all of a sudden entirely forbidden or even considered harmful." - Pope Benedict XVI  Apostolic Letter "Motu Proprio data" 

Just hours after Pope Benedict XVI announced his surprise resignation as pontiff, photos taken from Monday evening showed the top of St Peter's Basilica being struck by lightning during a severe thunderstorm over the Vatican. Is it a sign from God if so what or is it just a coincidental  impressive display of the force of nature? Time will tell!

After his papal installation April 19, 2005 Benedict XVI Requested our Prayers
“Pray for me, that I may not flee for fear of the wolves. Let us pray for one another, that the Lord will carry us and that we will learn to carry one another.”
On his first Apostolic Visit to the United States in 2008, Pope Benedict at the end of his homily in the Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on April 19th, referred to himself as “the poor successor of Saint Peter.” He then continued, “I will try to do all that is possible to be a worthy successor of the great Apostle [Peter], who also was a man with faults and sins, but remained in the end the rock for the Church.”

The pope movingly acknowledged his need for our  assistance in fulfilling his divine duties as head of the Catholic Church by concluding “It is also your prayers and your love which give me the certainty that the Lord will help me in this my ministry. I am therefore deeply grateful for your love and for your prayers.”
 On Ash Wednesday  

Benedict XVI, Looked calm and serene, and led his first public appearance, after announcing his resignation. Before a full crowd, he once again said he made the decision with complete liberty.  He echoed Monday's statement by saying that he  does not have the strength to carry out the office of the papacy.

February 13, 2013. (Romereports) I thank you all for the love and prayers that have accompanied me. Thank you," said the Pope. "In these difficult days, I've felt almost physically, the power of prayer that comes through the love for the Church and your personal prayers. Continue to pray for me, for the Church and the future Pope. The Lord will guide.”
February 14, 2013 Benedict XVI, speaking to priests from the diocese of Rome 3 days after announcing his resignation,The pope stated that the Media disfigured Vatican II and centered his talk with the priests on his experience at the council, and ended his comments with a simple promise:
"We hope that the Lord will help us. I, retired in prayer, will always be with you, and together we will move ahead with the Lord in certainty. The Lord is victorious. Thank you " Click for more details and video

A Prayer for the Pope
  Written by Pope Leo XIII

Pope Benedict XVI  visits Fatima May 2010
O Lord, we are the millions of believers, humbly kneeling at Thy feet and begging Thee to preserve, defend and save the Sovereign Pontiff for many years. He is the Father of the great fellowship of souls and our Father as well. On this day, as on every other day, he is praying for us also, and is offering unto Thee with holy fervor the sacred Victim of love and peace.

Wherefore, O Lord, turn thyself toward us with eyes of pity; for we are now, as it were, forgetful of ourselves, and are praying above all for him. Do Thou unite our prayers with his and receive them into the bosom of Thine infinite mercy, as a sweet savor of active and fruitful charity, whereby the children are united in the Church to their Father. All that he asks of Thee this day, we too ask it of Thee in unison with him.

Whether he weeps or rejoices, whether he hopes or offers himself as a victim of charity for his people, we desire to be united with him; nay more, we desire that the cry of our hearts should be made one with his.

Of Thy great mercy grant, O Lord, that not one of us may be far from his mind and his heart in the hour that he prays and offers unto Thee the Sacrifice of Thy blessed Son. At the moment when our venerable High Priest, holding in His hands the very Body of Jesus Christ, shall say to the people over the Chalice of benediction these words: "The peace of the Lord be with you always," grant, O Lord, that Thy sweet peace may come down upon our hearts and upon all the nations with new and manifest power. Amen.

Jacinta’s Vision of the
Pope He was Weeping,
Insulted and Persecuted 

Is Pope Benedict XVI the Pope BL. Jacinta saw in vision who was weeping while people threw stones and insulted him?

One day, Lucy said, we spent our siesta down by my parents' well. Jacinta sat on the stone slabs on top of the well. Francisco and I climbed up a steep bank in search of wild honey among the brambles in a nearby thicket. After a little while, Jacinta called out to Lucia: "Didn't you see the Holy Father?"  "No I did not see him." Lucia said  
"I saw the Holy Father!" Jacinta continued. "He was in a very big house, kneeling by a table, with his head buried in his hands, and he was weeping. Outside the house, there were many people. Some of them were throwing stones, others were cursing him and using bad language. Poor Holy Father, we must pray very much for him."
Some experts believed that this mysterious vision applied to Pope Pius XII. But it is more probable that this prophetic vision also concerned the future popes. I believe Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI as well.  No pope in the history of the Fatima Revelation has suffered such revilement by the press to the point of publishing articles that libel him and asking for his resignation!

The Unprecedented Media Attacks
On the Pope since 2010
"Strike the shepherd the Sheep will Scatter" Zechariah 13:7

April 12, 2010:  'Journalists abandon standards to attack the Pope'. Damian Thompson is Editor of Telegraph Blogs and a journalist specializing in religion. There are times when another blogger says something so much better than I could that I reproduce a whole post. Here is Phil Lawler, distinguished American Catholic commentator and director of CatholicCulture.org.  "We're off and running once again, with another completely phony story that purports to implicate Pope Benedict XVI in the protection of abusive priests. The 'exclusive' story released by AP yesterday, which has been dutifully passed along now by scores of major media outlets, would never have seen the light of day if normal journalistic standards had been in place. Careful editors should have asked a series of probing questions, and in every case the answer to those questions would have shown that the story had no 'legs' "

April 12, 2010:  What Next! Unbelievable but it is a true story! Pope Benedict XVI faces a legal ambush by two leading atheist campaigners who are planning to have him arrested during his state visit to England  for 'crimes against humanity'. Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens - have both written books promoting atheism - and have asked human rights lawyers to produce a case for charging Pope Benedict XVI over his alleged cover-up of sexual abuse in the Catholic church.

April 12, 2010: The Catholic Herald Britain's Leading Catholic Newspaper publishes a narrative account of the furor that engulfed Pope Benedict XVI after claims that he covered up clerical abuse 

March 30, 2010,  National Catholic Register Blog  Cardinal Ratzinger an Evil Monster? The level of vitriol being directed at Pope Benedict by the mainstream media right now is truly extraordinary. It’s primarily drive by desire for cash (scandal sells), followed closely by hatred, along with a hefty dose of ignorance.

  It is very trying to see the atheists, agnostics, homosexuals and devil worshipers on their social media Blogs and Twitter  railing our faith and the Holy Father what can we do? Listen and observe the requests of Our Lady!

"He who is not with the Pope is not with God, he that wants to be with God, must be with Pope."  Sr.Lucia of Fatima


By April 16th  Benedict the VXI will turn 87.  Benedict moves forward as Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI . However we can take hope in the knowledge that he is still a spiritual father to us and his prayers and sufferings will be for the good of the Church for the rest of the time God has allotted him to be with us in this vale of tears. We remember fondly his visit to Fatima in May of 2010 and our prayers of Love and gratitude will always be with him and the new pope that God will raise to follow him. Viva la Papa!--Long live the Pope!

Pray for me and for the future pope!

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