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April 3, 2018

St. John Paul II You Live On! "Be Not Afraid Open your Hearts to the Love and Light that is Christ!"

St. John Paul's Witness -His Life and Death
A Cry for the Mercy of God!

Thirteen years ago, on April 2, 2005, St. John Paul II passed away. Millions of people mourned his death the world over, as  the bells of St. Peter's Square somberly tolled continuously over and over again to mourn his passing .

"Unceasingly the Church implores from God mercy for everyone. At no time and in no historical period -- especially at a moment as critical as our own -- can the Church forget the prayer that is a cry for the mercy of God amid the many forms of evil which weigh upon humanity and threaten it. "The more the human conscience succumbs to secularization, loses its sense of the very meaning of the word "mercy," moves away from God, and distances itself from the mystery of mercy, the more the Church has the right and the duty to appeal to the God of mercy with loud cries!  Bl. John Paul II June 7, 1977  Divine Mercy Shrine in Lagiewniki, Poland.(Dives in Misericordia, n. 15).

On the seventh anniversary of his death  a documentary was compiled from ROME REPORTS'  "John Paul The Great: A Pope Who Made History" 

 St. John Paul II and Feast of Divine Mercy 

The beatifications of Jacinta and Francisco at Fatima on May 13, 2000 and the canonization of St Faustina with the Institution of the Feast of Divine Mercy on April 30, 2000, undoubtedly will be considered one of the most momentous events in the history of the Church in the new millennium. They both took place during the Great Jubilee year a little over a week apart from each other.  
 I was blessed by God in his providence to be present at both these historic events in the the Church. A religious community obtained tickets for our small group in Rome and we were seated near St Faustina's Community, the Sisters of Mercy. 
I recall all my joy  at being there standing on my chair when the Holy Father arrived and waving madly for him to see me. Finally his eyes met mine and he smiled at me! He was probably laughing inside at the crazy lady standing on her chair among all the dignitaries present. Very undignified of me but I didn't care!  I will never forget that moment and his smile as long as I live.God gave me the gift of that moment with the pope during the Great Jubilee. The gift of his smile I will always cherish.   : )    
 I was a long time devote of St Faustina and the Divine Mercy Message and well acquainted with here diary. I  used it for some time for my spiritual reading. On the institution of the Feast of Mercy. (1044 - 1049) St Faustina  recorded in her diary thevision  as she saw the Institution of the Feast of Divine Mercy taking place simultaneously in her community and in Rome. She did not understand how but the people were able to experience the institution of the Feast at the same time whether they were in Rome or in Cracow.  

As you read St. Faustina's account description you will note that God also kept from her that she was seeing her own canonization on that day without knowing it. We also did not know either that the pope was going to institute the Feast of Divine Mercy when we attended her canonization, although there was speculation that he would do so. AS the pope made the announcement I did not understand the language but noted the air was electrified wit suspense and I knew something momentous was being said as the pope made the announcement. Later, overwhelmed at the Mercy God bestowed on me, recalling this grace to be present at this time has served as a source encouragement to persevere in hope in the trials and afflictions that followed.
April 30, 2000- St Faustina's Canonization
St. Faustina described the ceremony in her diary on the 23rd March, 1937, that would take place on  April 30, 2000 in Rome and in Cracow simultaneously via internet web TV.  St. Faustina wrote: “Suddenly, God’s presence took hold of me, and at once I saw myself in Rome, in the Holy Father’s chapel and at the same time I was in our chapel. and the celebration of the Holy Father and the entire Church was closely connected with our chapel and, in a very special way, with our Congregation. And I took part in the solemn celebration simultaneously here and in Rome, for the celebration was so closely connected with Rome that, even as I write, I cannot distinguish the two but I am writing it down as I saw it. Everyone was participating in the celebrations with great joy, and many of them obtained what they desired. The same celebration was held in Rome, in a beautiful church, and the Holy Father, with all the clergy, was celebrating this Feast, and then suddenly I saw Saint Peter, who stood between the altar and the Holy Father.   I then looked at the immense crowd worshiping the Divine Mercy and I said to the Lord: Jesus, bless all those who are gathered to give glory to You and to venerate Your infinite mercy. Jesus made a sign of the cross with His hand, and this blessing was reflected in the souls like a flash of light." 

Rome St. Faustina's Canonization
During the ceremonies I wondered in the back of my head if the new saint saw me present, did she see me waving to the Pope back then in 1937?  What a thought the Communion of Saints. After the Canonization in Rome our group we went off to Lourdes and then to Fatima to meet the pope once again on May 13th  for the Beatification of Jacinta and Francesco. Another historic event in the church for the Fatima Message. Linking Fatima with the Message of Divine Mercy.  The Graces received from these events have sustained me in the sufferings God allowed me live through in the years that followed. When I recall the great gifts God bestowed on me and the whole world during the Great Jubilee I am filled with gratitude and hope.  If only souls myself included avail themselves to them. 
There is much fruit to be gleaned in meditation if we take the time to do this letting God speak to us on these mysteries in Providence and on the legacy that  Bl.John Paul II left us. What will we do with it? If we really love him as he loved humanity we will follow his footsteps the way he pointed out to us!

Jesus I trust in you! My life is wrapped in the Mercy of God and in the mantle of the Fatima Message. In a 1977 speech at the Shrine of Divine Mercy in Poland Bl. John Paul II  said  "And if a person responds with a sincere heart: "Jesus, I trust in you," he will find comfort in all his anxieties and fears. In this dialogue of abandonment, there is established between man and Christ a special bond that sets love free there is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear" (1 Jn 4:18)  Pope John Paul II June 7, 1977  at Shrine of Divine Mercy in Lagiewniki, Poland.
Divine Mercy and the Fatima Message!   
Our Lord used St. John Paul II in the Great Jubilee Year and Linked in Divine Providence the Message of Divine Mercy with the Fatima Message. There is so much for meditation on this. Maybe in a future post we can delve deeper into this mystery. 

May 13, 2000 Beatifications at Fatima
St. John Paul II  is also  known as the Fatima Pope as he was imaged in the 3rd secret. When he beatified the Jacinta and Francisco on May 13, 2000, he also revealed at the same time the complete text of the 3rd Secret to the world.  The assassination attempt on his life took place on a Fatima day May 13th,1981.

The bullet that shot the pope
is in the center pointing down
One year later after his attempted assassination,he made a pilgrimage to Fatima to Thank Our Lady for her intercession sparing his life and to leave the bullet removed from his body that was later placed in her crown.  John Paul II's assessment, "It was a mother's hand that guided the bullet's path"  She permitted the dying pope to stop on the threshold of death

The Canonization of St. John Paul II
Was a Joyful Event for the Church 
and All Who Loved Him!

St.  John Paul II  the Fatima Pope was Beatified on May 1, 2011 which also was the first Sunday after Easter, Divine Mercy Sunday.  Benedict XVI explained that the date was chosen for the beatification because it was on the eve of Mercy Sunday that his earthly life ended. "Those who knew him, those who esteemed and loved him, cannot but rejoice with the Church for this event."  

John Paul II. was finally canonized with Pope John XXIII on April 27,2014 by Pope Francis in an unprecedented ceremony witnessed by huge crowds gathered in Vatican City.

Pope Benedict XVI Remembers  
World Youth Day & Bl. John Paul II

On April 2, 2012  the seventh anniversary of the death of Blessed John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI paid homage to one of his predecessor's undertakings: World Youth Day. While he Greeted an estimated 5,000 cheering young people from Spain on April 2, Pope Benedict said they were "the protagonists and principal recipients of this pastoral initiative promoted by my beloved predecessor, Blessed John Paul II, whose passage to heaven we remember today. "Each and every person has a vocation, a call from God that is the key to each person's holiness and happiness, as well as being a call to create a better world," the pope told the youth.  Read more.....

Open Wide Your Hearts
To the Love and Light that is Christ!

   John Paul II--You Live On! You Live On!


I bear a special love for Poland, and if she will be obedient to My will, I will exalt her in might and holiness. From her will come forth the spark that will prepare the world for My final coming(Diary, 1732).

                John Paul II  Patron of World Youth Day 

                                   Ora pro nobis!

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