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May 10, 2010

Pope Benedict XVI First Visit to Fatima as Pope! Theme of Pilgrimage "With You We Walk In Hope!"

Theme for Papal Trip to Fatima May 11-14, 2010

With You We Walk In Hope

Pope Benedict XVI will make a two-day stop in the historic city of Fatima during a visit to Portugal this week. This trip will be the Popes 15th apostolic journey abroad in his five years and his first to Portugal as pope. He will be in Portugal Tuesday through Friday. Benedict XVI will be the third Pope to visit the Fatima shrine, after Pope Paul VI in 1967 and Pope John Paul II's three trips in 1982, 1991 and 2000.

Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi presented the program of the Pope's 15th apostolic visit outside Italy. Fatima is "a Marian shrine in which events occurred with which Benedict XVI has been personally concerned in a very profound way, also from the point of view of theology and spirituality." As prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, he wrote a document on the event, published in 2000. We will be just one month before the conclusion of the Year for Priests and the context is very appropriate," he explained. the emphasis this trip will give to the world of the clergy in the celebration of vespers with priests, religious, seminarians and deacons in the Church of the Most Holy Trinity of Fatima, and the meeting with bishops in Lisbon-More

Join Catholics around the world  to pray the Rosary on  May 13th to honor Our Lady of Fatima and to beg her to intervene in the world, to stop the growing spiral of sin, and violence. The driving force behind the Worldwide Fatima Rosary on May 13 is the thought that Our Lady will be pleased to see one million people praying the Rosary all together on May 13th, which is the very day She pleaded: “Pray the Rosary every day to obtain peace for the world!”

The Pope Invited  Everyone 
 To Go With him to Portugal!
"Dear friends, in the heart of this Marian month, I will have the joy of going in the forthcoming days to Portugal. I will visit the capital, Lisbon, and Porto, the country's second city. The principal objective of my trip will be Fatima, the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the Beatification of Jacinta and Francisco. For the first time as Successor of Peter I will go to that Marian Shrine, so dear to Bl. John Paul II. I invite everyone to accompany me on this pilgrimage, participating actively with prayer: with only one heart and one soul we invoke the intercession of the Virgin Mary for the Church, in particular for priests, and for peace in the world."... Read More

 Fatima a Place to

Extend One's Gaze

   for a Meditation on History!

                 Pope John Paul II at Fatima 2000

Pope to Reveal God's Action in History

Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, director of the Vatican press office,Comments on Pope's Fatima Visit: "John Paul II wanted the 'third secret' of Fatima to be revealed on the occasion of the beatification of the two little shepherds, Francisco and Jacinta, during the Jubilee of 2000, transition between two millenniums," said Father Lombardi. "A century was ending characterized by great sufferings, on which in fact the visions of Fatima gave at once a dramatic and luminous interpretation: time of war and of martyrdom, in which the Church and the Pope himself shared profoundly the sufferings and thirst for salvation of the whole of humanity. To two ignorant children, in an insignificant place -- as is characteristic of great Marian events -- was entrusted a message that in its simplicity, that released a spiritual force able to surmount borders and to be transmitted beyond the grave circumstances of history of humanity," Father Lombardi wondered what the Fatima message can tell us, now that the secret has been revealed-Read More

Action of God, Lord of History, 

and Co-responsibility of Man

Fr. Lombardi, continued and recalled the comment of the then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger at the conclusion of the publication of the text of the "secret," which stated: "Action of God, Lord of history, and co-responsibility of man, in his dramatic and fecund liberty, are the two bases on which the history of humanity is built. The Virgin who appeared in Fatima is calling us to return to these forgotten values, to this future of man in God, of which we are an active and responsible part." Father Lombardi concluded: "We need pure and innocent eyes to read the path of the new millennium and to understand where its risks and truest hopes are. The message of Fatima retains all its seriousness vis-à-vis history."

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