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April 1, 2014

Anniversary of the Death of Bl. John Paul II--His Life and Death was A Cry for the Mercy of God!

Bl. John Paul's Witness
A Cry for the Mercy of God!

Nine years ago, on April 2, 2005, soon to be Saint John Paul II passed away. Millions of people mourned his death the world over, as  the bells of St. Peter's Square somberly tolled continuously  to mourn his passing.  If one listened one could here the voice of the4 late pontiff over the tolling bells  with his admonition to all of us: Be not Afriad!


Open Wide Your Hearts

To the Love and Light that is Christ!

Beatification  of Bl. John Paul II
 A Joyful Event for the Church 
and All Who Loved Him!

Bl.  John Paul II  the Fatima Pope was Beatified on May 1, 2011 which was also the first Sunday after Easter, Divine Mercy Sunday.  Benedict XVI explained that the date was chosen for the beatification because it was on the eve of Mercy Sunday that his earthly life ended. "Those who knew him, those who esteemed and loved him, cannot but rejoice with the Church for this event."   

Pope Francis Announced Canonizations of 
Bls. John Paul II and John XXII

The Church eagerly awaited the canonization of Bl. John Paul II which  Pope Francis announced would also take place April 27 Divine Mercy Sunday, along with the canonization of Bl. John XXII.

Asked by reporters if retired Pope Benedict would participate in the canonization ceremony, Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, Vatican spokesman, told reporters it was possible, but given the retired pope's preference for staying out of the public eye, he could not say for sure.

Pope Francis has emphasized God's mercy and readiness to forgive those who recognize their need for pardon Since the beginning of his pontificate. He told reporters on the flight from Brazil that Pope John Paul's promotion of Divine Mercy Sunday showed his intuition that a new "age of mercy" was needed in the church and the world.

Divine Mercy Sunday, a Feast Instituted Worldwide by Pope John Paul.

"Unceasingly the Church implores from God mercy for everyone. At no time and in no historical period -- especially at a moment as critical as our own -- can the Church forget the prayer that is a cry for the mercy of God amid the many forms of evil which weigh upon humanity and threaten it. "The more the human conscience succumbs to secularization, loses its sense of the very meaning of the word "mercy," moves away from God, and distances itself from the mystery of mercy, the more the Church has the right and the duty to appeal to the God of mercy with loud cries!  Bl. John Paul II June 7, 1977  Divine Mercy Shrine in Lagiewniki, Poland.(Dives in Misericordia, n. 15).

On the seventh anniversary of his death  a documentary from ROME REPORTS'  "John Paul The Great: A Pope Who Made History" 

Benedict XVI remembers  
World Youth Day & John Paul II

On April 2, 2012  the seventh anniversary of the death of Blessed John
Next World Youth Day in Poland--KRAKOW 2016!!
World Youth Day Krakow July 2016
Paul II,  Benedict XVI paid homage to him at World Youth Day. While he Greeted an estimated 5,000 cheering young people from Spain on April 2, Pope Benedict said they were "the protagonists and principal recipients of this pastoral initiative promoted by my beloved predecessor, Blessed John Paul II, whose passage to heaven we remember today. "Each and every person has a vocation, a call from God that is the key to each person's holiness and happiness, as well as being a call to create a better world," the pope told the youth.  Read more.....

Bl. John Paul II We Love You!!
We Thank you for your life and Witness!
Read More

Bl. John Paul II 
Ora pro nobis! 
Pray for Us!

 Bl. John Paul II
You Live On, You Live On!

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