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December 24, 2014

Bethlehem House of Bread-The Birth of Jesus foreshadows the Blessed Sacrament!

                       Bethlehem House of Bread
The old Hebrew name bêth lehem,
meaning "house of bread"
and has survived till the present day! 

The mysteries surrounding the Birth of Jesus 
foreshadow the Blessed Sacrament!  
After Jesus was born Our Lady wrapped him in swaddling-clothes and laid him in a manger, a place where animals were fed because there was no room for them in the inn.

Jesus in his public ministry
    Called himself the Bread of Life!  John 6:48-5

Particles of the Blessed Sacrament
The Eternal, Loving, Life-Giving
 by Very Rev. Fr. Alphonsus Maria Duran,MJ
Some portions below are quoted or paraphrased  from Fr. Duran's phamphlet.

“My grandfather was a jeweler and some of my other relatives are also jewelers. I grew up amid the work of jewelers and their jewels.  As we all know, jewels are very precious and costly. Even their dust is carefully saved by the jeweler.

Jewelers calculate that when they carve a ring or a pin, ten percent of the precious metal used, gold for example, is lost in dust. That has to be calculated in the price and the weigh of the jewelery. Jewelers carve their jewels on special metal plates which they clean with a very fine brush in order to save the dust.

One of my cousin jewelers told me that they even wear an overall which is cleaned by a special procedure to save the dust or particles of precious metal that have collected on the clothing. Each particle is carefully saved and used.

Each Particle is Precious Indeed!

This reminds me of the care that the priest who has faith in the presence of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament should have. If such precious care is taken of the jewels of this world, how much more care should be taken of the Body of Christ since our faith tells us that He is really and totally present in each particle of the Most Blessed Sacrament.”

The Eucharistic presence of Christ begins at the moment of the consecration and endures as long as the Eucharistic species subsist. Christ is present  whole and entire in each of the species and whole and entire in each of their parts, In such a way that the breaking of the bread does not divide Christ. (Catechism of the Catholic Church from the second Vatican Council promulgated by Pope John Paul II, 1377, cf. Council of gtrent: DS1641.)

Let us listen to the Word
of St. Cyril of Jerusalem

“Tell me if someone gave you some grains of gold would you not hold them with all carefulness lest you might lose some of them and thereby suffer a loss? Will you not, therefore be much more careful in keeping watch over what is more precious than gold or gems so that not a particle will escape you?” (ca. A.D. 315 A.D. 386 Mystagogic Catecheses)

They Eucharistic Miracle
of Lanciano 750 A.D.

The earliest recorded Eucharistic Miracle in 750 A.D. in Lanciano, Italy was the first in a series of Eucharistic Miracles over the past 2 millenniums. A Monastic priest doubted whether the body of our Lord was truly present in the consecrated host. As he said the words of consecration, he saw the host turn into flesh and the wine turn into blood. Everything was visible to those in attendance. The flesh to this day is still intact and the blood is divided into five unequal parts which together have the same exact weight as each one does separately.

Photo © Real Presence Association uploaded by Speramus-We Hope w permisssion

“Science, aware of its limits, has come to a halt,
Face to face with the impossibility of giving an explanation.”

Similar to the Miracle of Our Lady’s eyes on the tilma of Juan Diego in Guadelupe. There are many Miracles contained with in this very extraordinary Eucharistic Miracle that were waiting to be uncovered in the unfolding of God’s providence over the centuries.

In 1973, the Church gave permission for various studies to be carried out on this Miracle.  The results amazed the scientists who were privileged to participate in the studies. After the results were analyzed in 1976. The Medical commissions of WHO and the UN, published in New York and Geneva the following statement: “Science, aware of its limits, has come to a halt, face to face with the impossibility of giving an explanation.”

The flesh and blood of the Lanciano Miracle are just as fresh as if they had been drawn that very day from a living human being.  The flesh consists of muscular tissue of the myocardium (heart).  The heart arteries and veins can be easily identified as well as the double slender branch of the vagus nerve.  Those who have a medical research background would understand the significance of these findings.

The findings of the Linoli Report 413197 stated: “The conservation of the flesh and blood, left in their natural state for twelve centuries and exposed to the influence of atmospheric and biological elements, remain an extraordinary phenomenon.”

Other immunological studies received with interest in the scientific world indicated with certitude that the flesh and blood are LIVING human tissue. Both the flesh and coagulated blood belong to the same blood type AB. The same blood type on the Shroud of Turin and the type most characteristic of Middle Eastern populations!

Photo © Real Presence Association uploaded by Speramus-We Hope w permisssion

Each of the 5 Clots of coagulated blood pictured weighs 15.85 grams when weighed all together on the scale. And when all the clots are weighed separately, even one smaller in appearance, individually weighed 15.85 grams! This baffled the scientists who had no explanation for the results!  For those with faith this miracle points to what the Council of Trent taught for centuries and the Catechism of the Catholic Church has reaffirmed. Namely, that Christ is entirely present under each species and under the smallest particle of each species. Christ is present whole and entire his flesh and blood, his body, soul, manhood and Godhead!

Miracles within the Miracle
A Silent Warning in the light of Fatima

These other miracles were always present within the Lanciano Miracle. Indicating that God foresaw another time when the lack of faith would be more than a passing doubt by a priest offering Mass! As at Guadelupe, the technologies to uncover these miracles were only available after the Fatima apparitions had taken place. See: From Guadelupe to Fatima a Prophetic Mystery! Guadelupe is linked with Fatima as the Book of Daniel to Revelation!

 A Call to Eucharistic Reparation-Fatima Begins and Ends with the Eucharist.  At Fatima in 1916 an angel teaches the children to Adore and make reparation to the Eucharistic Jesus. Most Hoy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost I adore you profoundly and I offer you the most precious body, blood soul and divinity of Jesus Christ, present in all the tabernacles of the world in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifferences by which he is offended…..”
In 1916 when the angel appeared to the children of Fatima  these crimes against our Lord in the Holy Eucharist were not prevalent as they were just coming to light in the late 1960’s and 1970’s.

Returning to Fr. Maria Duran in the pamphlet he wrote that he had a non-catholic friend who told him that: “You Catholics must no longer believe in the real presence of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament” He said that he assured him that we did and his friend retorted back: “Then you have really grown callous in the way you handle your Eucharistic Services.”

Fr. Duran felt he was referring to those people who disregard the laws of the church and her doctrines making up their own laws and regulations to do as they please. Unfortunately, today there are many and they are more vocal making themselves heard. Giving the wrong impressions and contaminate the faith of others in different degrees.

Despite these people the Church herself has always shown her faith and respect in all her rules and laws given for the care of the most Blessed Sacrament these laws are not what some would say scrupulosity but a matter of detail in love. It is my firm belief that if Catholics do not recover the respect for the Holy Eucharist we are fast preparing our own punishment as pictured in the 3rd Secret of Fatima revealed in 2000.

Remember that St Paul said that whoever eats the bread and drinks the cup of the Lord unworthily will be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord; and any one who eats and drinks without discerning the body, eats and drinks judgment on himself (See 1 Corinthians 11:27, 29).

This can also be applied to all those sacrilegious communions made by those receiving in mortal sin as well as for Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist who do not take care to carry Our Lord in a dignified manner and make sure that there are no particles remaining in their pyx so that Jesus is not carried into restrooms or other unspeakable places! You are responsible for every lost particle! And the weight of your commission also falls upon your pastor and bishop who are the ordinary ministers of the Eucharist! They will have to account to God for you!

The particles of the Blessed Sacrament are the Eternal, Loving, life-giving Gold of God! Let us make reparation for those who no longer discern the "Hidden Jesus" in the Most Blessed Sacrament!

The Eucharistic Miracle of Gruaro Italy, 1294 Revised Part 2  
In Gruaro, Italy there is another Eucharistic Miracle with a forgotten particle of the Host!

Eucharistic Miracles Vatican International Exhibition  A Photographic Exhibition of Church Approved Eucharistic Miracles from 750 A.D. - 2001.

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