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August 31, 2018

Finding a Safe Harbor in this Current Time of Apostasy

I received a Homily from a faithful priest that was given this past Sunday, August 26th regarding the current crisis in the church. Prudence dictates that I keep the priest anonymous. His homily is included at the end of this post. 

People need to hear what he has said.  It is best for us to do all that we can during this time of crisis to keep a prayerful peace of soul. Trusting in God to purify and save his church.  

I decided to put on blinders and ignore all the blogosphere gossips and commentaries. One idiot said the church will implode from within.  I didn't read it because I was so 😠 mad!  Even if it appears true it does more harm than good to write about the crisis in this way. The Church belongs to Christ. He will support the pillars! Have Faith. 

When we die and go to meet our JUDGE He will not ask us what did we think about the Pope, or this Cardinal, or that Priest. He will be judging our transgressions against the law. We have to account for our own sins and actions. Did we help the Pope or that priest by our prayers and sacrifices, or did we Judge them? Worse yet, was our Judgement in error and did we spread our erroneous judgements? God will hold you accountable for this. PRAY FOR THEM AND WAIT FOR GOD'S INTERVENTION. These problems cannot be undone WITHOUT A DIVINE INTERVENTION. It will happen our Lady at Fatima said Her Immaculate Heart will Triumph. Do you believe it will happen? I do!  Credo!

We need life jackets to persevere and ride out the raging storms we are passing through. God gave us many warnings of the current crisis. Warnings with instructions on how to successfully pass over the raging waters. The first warnings were given in scriptures, the most relevant is the book of Jude. It is the shortest book of the Bible aptly depicting the current crisis. Read and pray over the book to see how God wants us to live through these days.

Also recall the visions of St John Bosco in the 1840s.  Remember the 2 Columns and the ship, representing the church. The pope was guiding it as it traveled through a fierce storm.   Other ships were bombing it with canons and it almost capsized. Finally seeing two columns in the distance it made its way towards them and found safety and anchored between them. The first column was the Eucharist and the second was Our Lady.  Placing its anchor here the storm could no longer toss them about in this safe harbor. Let each one of us find that safe harbor in the church wirhb the pope.

We must continually work on our own faults and deepen our personal union with Jesus. Taking the speck from our own eyes first so we can see clearly how to help our brethren. Our strength will come from the Eucharist and Our Lady;

Her message at Fatima pleaded for us to:
"Pray, pray very much and make sacrifices for poor sinners! Many souls go to Hell because there is no one to pray and sacrifices for them!"

      Homily by a faithful priest 
      Sunday, August 26, 2018 “If it does not please  you to serve the  Lord, decide today  / whom you will serve.” “Far be  it from us to forsake  the Lord.” –  Words from the first  scripture, the Book of Joshua. The desertion of the disciples of  Christ recounted in this Gospel must have been  a source of great grief to the  Divine  Teacher who  was instructing  them on how  to attain eternal life; but they  would have none  of it. 

This was not the first time God had been spurned and  dismissed by  ungrateful men who want anything else but what God offers them. What is it that fallen humanity  seeks?  Pleasures of the flesh and of the tongue,  having  lots of money, being  held in esteem by  others, having  good looks, being considered  important,  and  having not eternal life hereafter but ongoing life in this world. These are the  base aspirations of many  men–base  even by  human standards, for it might  be that someone would wish to gain knowledge about  many good  things.  That’s  a  far  more noble thing  than those just mentioned. 

There  may also  be  the  desire  to achieve  virtue, that is, to become a  good man, a good woman.  That’s  certainly  a  worthwhile  goal,  and  there  are  a  few  honorable  people  who seek this.  And there  are  other good things that one  might aspire  to: creating art or writing; having  worthy and satisfying employment; mastering  skills in  language, music, sport,  or craft; better  yet: offering oneself  in  service  to  humanity  by  being a teacher,  a physician,  a helper  to  the poor,  the suffering, or the hungry. So then: there are  unworthy, ignoble  human pursuits,  and there are worthy  ones. Yet any  and all of these have  not a penny’s weight to  claim a  reward in  the next life when they’re  done on the  natural  human level. (Saint Paul went so  far  as  to say that giving up all one’s possessions, and even giving up one’s body  to be burned alive, would be devoid of any  value!) On the other hand, even  the most  menial  occupation  (“digging  ditches” was  once  said  to  be among  these)  can  gain  huge dividends in heaven  if  they’re  done in a state  of grace and with  a supernatural intention. All depends on  the  state  of  one’s  soul and  the  reason motivating  the  good deeds. 

Christ’s  followers must live for  God  and have  eternity  as the goal of their whole being. If they’re insincere  about  that  they’re fools  to  be mocked  and  despised.  There’s no gain in  feigning,  pretending, to be Christian: that is, in talking  about being  religious but  contradicting  it by  one’s  deeds and real intentions. The Church is suffering with gaping wounds today  because many  fake  Catholics, fake  priests, and bishops, and cardinals are  being  unmasked and revealed for what they  really  are. And by  “fake” (a term indelibly  entrenched in current  usage  by  President Trump) I  don’t mean that they’re  not legitimately baptized or ordained. I mean rather  that they are  insincere  in their intention to serve God and obey  His commandments.

 There are many  variations of  these phoney  Catholics. There’s the Socialite-Catholic who’s religious only  for outward respectability  by  his  neighbors; there’s the Cultural-Catholic who’s enamored with Catholic literature, history, ceremony, philosophy, or art but not  with its  beliefs and its moral restrictions on conduct; there’s the Professional Catholic who serves on church boards, or  who works in chancery  offices,  or who is otherwise employed by  the Church; most  egregious  of all  are the Professional  Clergy  whose ministry  is  a merely  a job  to  make a  living, and to have  position and prestige  because  of  the  Church,  but who abuse youth, who spend Church monies on themselves, who don’t believe in  the Gospel  and in  the doctrines of the Church and who sell  the  Church  out to  leftists such  as politicians or media personalities who support abortion or gay rights  and who  still  think  they’re  Catholics but are  nothing  of the sort. 

The  quotation from today’ Psalm is apropos  of them: “The  Lord confronts the evildoers to destroy  remembrance of them from the earth.”  We call them  apostates.  Here’s God’s judgment on such people, according to Saint Peter: “it would have  been better for  them  never to have known  the way of justice, than after having known it, to  turn back  (2 Peter 2:21). As our Lord said of Judas, the original apostate, “Woe to that man by whom the Son of man is betrayed: it were  better for him,  had he  never been born” (Mt 26:24). To  see these “convictions”  as divine justice meted out to the deserters, opportunists, and the fakes is only  one side of the  whole picture. There’s also  God’s  side–the grief  of Christ being  forsaken by His own people. The  sufferings our Lord endured to redeem humanity  are  as  far  as  it’s  possible  to go  to win them. There’s  nothing more God could have done  to  save them,  because He  will not save them against their  will.  

The  great mystery  is that there  are  some,  perhaps  many, who  prefer evil  to goodness, darkness to light, sin to grace, salvation to damnation. The  sin  of  apostasy  (leaving  Christ,  or  being  a  religious  fake)  is  an outrage  to our  Redeemer and  is now becoming the  ruination  of the Church.  I’m  sad  for  God!  That may be a simpleton’s clumsy  way of expressing  the would-be  exasperation  of  the  Heart  of  Christ, vulnerable  to the  treason of these deserters, deceivers,  and connivers. Nor should  we exculpate ourselves simply  because our sins or our half-hearted Catholicism are have not been made public knowledge. We too must answer to God for our  sins. There  are  altogether  too many bad things  besetting  the Church and  the good society  of men. It’s too much, too great, approaching  a breaking point

Solutions, however, are readily at hand, as they  have always been: prayer (with some fasting)  for  the conversion  or the ousting  of the fakes and the predators; and striving mightily  to  be very  good and sincere Catholics ourselves. If we  deeply  and honestly  desire  the  glory  of  God,  we  will  remain  true  to  Christ  and  to  the  Catholic  faith  and  refuse to  be  defeated by  the  disheartening  apostasy  and  scandal that’s taking  place. There  is  no alternative way  of  being  Catholic  but  to  believe  wholeheartedly  in  Christ  and  in  the  Church  He  founded, the Church which, as Saint Paul instructs us, is “without spot or wrinkle or  any  such thing...holy  and without blemish.” The Church is the true  spouse of Christ; she’s not a fake in what she  teaches and in what she offers us, and she most assuredly  is not given to  us  to be a pretense  for the wicked and the insincere  to hide behind. We  must  beware  lest  we  ourselves  become  deserters!  (a  temptation  from  hell).  Fidelity,  sincerity, true  devotion:  this  is Catholicism. “Far be  it from us to forsake  the Lord” (words we  heard from the first  lesson). 

We must  not  become  discouraged over  the shocking  apostasy  of this present time, nor should we join in it. There’s  nowhere else  to go  but  to  stay with the  Lord and  with the  authentic  faith of the Catholic Church. Ours ought to be  the words  of Saint  Peter in  this  Gospel:  “Master, to  whom else  shall  we  go?  You  are  the Holy  One of  God.” “Faith of our fathers, holy  faith. We will be true to thee  till death.”

Please pray for this priest and all faithful priests to find the safe harbor between the two pillars of the Eucharist and Our Lady as we wait for the Lord to cleanse His House and right all the wrongs. Oremus pro Inviciem; Let us pray for each other!-Spera Rose

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