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September 14, 2018

An act of HONORABLE AMMENDS in Reparation for the sin of blasphemy and other Impious Crimes against God and His Church!

The Church is suffering with great wounds because Catholics are not living up to the faith they profess. We must live for God alone and for eternal life! Nothing else matters! Nothing else! Where will you spend eternity? If we are insincere about that we are fools. There is no reward in pretending to be Christian a good Catholic but living like others in the world. Catholics must stand out by their actions, their words and their dress. If we look like pagans we will act like pagans! This is matter for another separate post God willing!

Many of us are talking the talk but in our actions we do not walk the walk with the suffering Christ,  who came to show us how to get to Heaven by His example. If we do not follow His example we will not go to Heaven! Many Catholics consider themselves learned on matters of faith, but they contradict the faith by their deeds. Hiding hidden motives for power, esteem or even with aims to destroy the Church founded by Jesus Christ. 

The sin of apostasy is a sin against the Holy Spirit and is becoming ruination of the church. There are many bad things in the Church and society today, the sins of the clerics play a major role in this, but we cannot excuse ourselves from this tragedy just because our sins are not public knowledge! We too play a role for the times we practiced a half-hearted  Catholicism. We are also sinners and must answer to God for our own sins one day! 

It is true that we should take down the unrepentant, guilty predators but let us remember our own sinfulness before we cast the stones at the guilty. Let us pray and do penance for our fallen comrades. While we point the finger at the public sinners let us remember we also have sinned gravely in our lives and deserved hell.

We also must beware lest we ourselves desert the Church. However badly bruised her members are, the Church is the true spouse of Jesus Christ with out spot or blemish. We must not become disheartened, shocked or discouraged in the apostasy of our day! Our Lord foretold this day many times in scriptures.

I can picture our Lord looking at me the same way he looked at his apostles after he told them that they must eat his body and drink his blood or they will not have life within them. Many of the disciples could not accept the teaching and they walked away from Him. Jesus sadly turned His gaze upon his apostles and said: "Will you leave me also?"  We should make the words of St. Peter our own: "Master, to whom else shall we go? You are the Holy one of God. You have the words of Eternal Life!"

Let us pray for God to help us to help Him clean house. Our job is to pray and sacrifice, as we do our best to be exemplary Catholics in word and deeds. Say your prayers fulfill your  penances and follow the requests of Our Lady at Fatima. Then wait for God! 

We will be judged on our own sins not the sins of our clergy! Did you pray for God's mercy upon them so that they do not end up in hell with all the other poor sinners? The following prayer of HONORABLE AMENDS may be recited to make reparation and to console our Lord in His sufferings over the treason of his closest friends. Oremus, Let us pray!-Spera Rose

An Act of Honorable Amends 

to the Most Holy Face of Our Lord Jesus Christ

in Reparation for the sin of blasphemy, 
the sin of the profanation of Sundays, 
and of other impious crimes against God and the Church

Most holy and most adorable Face of the Savior, humbly prostrate in Thy presence, we present ourselves before Thee, in order, by a solemn act of faith and of piety, to render to Thee the homage of veneration, praise and love which is Thy due. We also desire to offer to Thee honorable amends and a public reparation for the sins, blasphemies and sacrileges of which the present generation has rendered itself culpable towards the Divine Majesty, and which, in regard to Thee, oh well-beloved Face, renew the ignominies and the sufferings of Thy Passion.

It is with terror and profound affliction that we are witnesses of these monstrous crimes, which cannot fail to draw down upon society and upon our families, the malediction and the chastisements of Divine Justice. We see, in fact, all around us the law of the Lord and the authority of His Church despised and trodden under foot; His thrice holy Name denied or blasphemed, the Sunday which He has reserved for His worship, publicly profaned; His altars and His offices forsaken for criminal or frivolous pleasures. Impious sectarians attack all that is sacred and religious. But it is, above all, the Divinity of Christ, the Son of the living God; it is the Incarnate Word; it is the august Face and the Crucifix which they attack with the greatest fury; the spit and the blows of the Jews are renewed by the insults and the outrages which their hatred dares, in every possible manner, to inflict upon Thee, oh Face full of sweetness and of love.

Pardon, a thousand times pardon, for all these crimes! May we make amends for them by our humble supplications and the fervor of our homage. Oh, but guilty and sinful as we are, what can we offer the Eternal Father in order to appease His just anger, if it be not Thyself, oh sorrowful Face, who has deigned to make Thyself our Advocate and our Victim? Supply what may be wanting in us by Thy satisfactions and Thy merits.

Heavenly Father, we entreat Thee to look on the Face of Thy Christ. Behold the wounds which disfigure It, the tears which escape from Its sunken eyes; the sweat with which It is bathed; the blood which flows in streams down Its profaned and wounded cheeks. Behold also Its invincible patience, Its unalterable gentleness, Its infinite tenderness and Its merciful goodness towards sinners. This Holy Face is turned towards Thee, and, before exhaling Its last sigh, lovingly inclined upon the Cross, It implores Thee in favor of those who curse and outrage It. Oh Father, listen to that suppliant cry, permit Thyself to be touched; have pity on us and pardon us. Grant, moreover, that in presence of this Divine Face, equally formidable and powerful, the enemies of Thy Name may take flight and disappear; that they may be converted and live! 

May the most adorable Name of God; be adored forever and ever.
May the Holy Day of the Lord; be sanctified by all men.

May the Holy Face of Jesus; be loved by every heart.
May holy Church, our Mother; be exalted throughout the whole earth.
May our holy Father, the Pope, Vicar of Jesus Christ: be venerated by all people.
Saint Peter, Prince of the Apostles, and Patron of the Archconfraternity, pray for us.
Lord, show us Thy Face; and we shall be saved. Amen. Amen.

Taken from the Manual of the Archconfraternity of the Holy Face, 1887, Tours, France, pp. 155-158

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