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February 13, 2010

Sr. Lucia's Called to Heaven and Her last visit to Fatima!

Anniversary of  the

Death of  Sr. Lucia

February 13, 2005

When John Paul II received the news that Sister Lucia's health condition had worsened. He sent her a fax message on the eve of her death that was read to her. Sister Lucia was "deeply moved" by the message from the pope, and asked if she could personally read the fax herself. Even though she was almost blind, she said to her sisters in the community: "'Let me read, it's the pope who is writing me,'" Those present indicated that this was possibly the last reaction she had to life around her. In his message to her, the Holy Father said that, on hearing of her illness, he prayed to God that she would be able to live "the moment of pain and suffering" with a "paschal spirit," and he ended his message imparting his blessing to her. Sister Lucia died surrounded by her sisters in religion, and by the bishop of Coimbra, her doctors, and the nurse attending her

Last Words Of Sr. Lucia:  
                          "For the Holy Father!
                        ... Our Lady, Our Lady,
Holy Angels, Heart of Jesus, Heart of Jesus!
We are going, we are going.
"Where?" asked Mother Celina "To Heaven..."
"With whom?" asked Mother Celina
With Our Lord ... Our Lady ... and the little Shepherds."
Let us Go! Let me go!
And she breathed her last. ............

The day of her funeral, February 15, 2005, was declared a day of national mourning in Portugal; even campaigning for the national parliamentary election scheduled for Sunday, February 20, was interrupted. There was a guard of honor around the coffin: 35 bishops from Portugal, the 17 nuns of Sister Lucia's community, her family members, and the Portuguese people.

Message of Pope John Paul II

on the Death of Sr. Lucia

To my Venerable Brother Bishop
Albino Mamede Cleto of Coimbra:
I learned with deep emotion that Sr. Maria Lucia de Jesus of the Immaculate Heart, at the age of ninety~seven, has been called by the Heavenly Father to the eternal dwelling place in heaven. Thus, she has reached the goal to which she always aspired in prayer and in the silence of her convent. The liturgy of these days has reminded us that death is the common legacy of the sons and daughters of Adam but at the same time assures us that Jesus, with the sacrifice of the cross, has opened the doors of immortal life to us. Let us remember these certainties of faith at the moment when we say our last farewell to this humble and devout Carmelite who consecrated her life to Christ, savior of the world.

The visit of the Virgin Mary, which Lucia as a little girl received at Fatima in 1917 together with her cousins Francisco and Jacinta, was the beginning of a unique mission to which she remained faithful to the end of her days. Sr. Lucia bequeaths to us an example of great fidelity to the Lord and joyous attachment to his divine will. I recall with emotion my several meetings with her and the bonds of our spiritual friendship that grew stronger with time. I have always felt supported by the daily gift of her prayers, especially during the most difficult moments of trial and suffering. May the Lord reward her abundantly for her great and hidden service to the Church. I like to think that it was the Blessed Virgin, the same one whom Sr. Lucia saw at Fatima many years ago, who welcomed her on her pious departure from earth to heaven. May the Blessed Virgin now accompany the soul of her devout daughter to the beatific encounter with the divine Bridegroom.

I entrust to you, Venerable Brother, the task of conveying the assurance of my spiritual closeness to the Carmelite nuns of Coimbra. For their inner consolation at the time of parting from Sr. Lucia, I impart an affectionate blessing to them, which I extend to her relatives, to you, to Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, my special envoy, and to all those who are taking part in the sacred funeral rite.
From the Vatican, 14 Feb. 2005 John Paul II
    Sr. Lucia’s Mortal remains. Laid to Rest  in Basilica of Fatima
February 19,  2006

The mortal remains of Sister Lucia, who saw apparitions of Our Lady in 1917, were moved from the Carmelite convent of Coimbra, where she died on February 13, 2005 to the Shrine of Fatima. Church officials said around 100,000 people packed the Fatima sanctuary. They had come from all over Portugal and the world. Many were waving white cloths as in the farewell processions on the anniversary of the apparitions on the 13th of each month. The stone placed on Sister Lucia's tomb reads: "Sister Maria Lucia of Jesus and of the Immaculate Heart, to whom Our Lady appeared. March 22, 1907 -- February 13, 2005. Translated to this basilica on February 19, 2006." On the stones of the other two little shepherds there is, in addition, an inscription that states: Beatified on May 13, 2000."

  Lucia's Last Visit to Fatima
May 16, 2000
Lucia unexpectedly returned to Fatima on May 16, 2000 three days after she met with Pope John Paul II during the Beatification Ceremonies for Jacont and Francesco on May 13.  She came to visit Aljustrel, her childhood home, the Cabecco where the angel appeared to her and Valinhos  Valinhos where Our Lady also appeared  to them on August 19 because were prevented from going to Fatima by the magistrate who had taken them to jail.

I was Blessed to be alone
at Valinhos when Sr Lucia
visited for the last time. 

I had a desire to be alone on my last day at Fatima all the great crowds from the Beatification Ceremonies on the 13th of May, 2000 had dispersed. I  was filled with happiness at the favors I received to be present here for the beatifications of the shepherd children.  I did not know if I would ever be able to return to Fatima and I wanted to be alone and take my time to revisit all the sites that were dear to me especially the Cabecco where the Angel appeared. I made the stations of the cross on the way and  I was at the Shrine of Our Lady at Valinhos when I noted an unusual site of several cars coming from the Cabecco where the Angel appeared. The first was a limo and then a police car.  I made many pilgrimages to Fatima and this was the first time outside of an ambulance I ever saw cars on this route. I thought someone important must be in those cars. 

To my great surprise they stopped where I was praying and  Sr. Lucia get out of the Limo with another sister and a few dignitaries I was overwhelmed with emotion. Thanking Our Lady for the grace that led me to be here. I studied the face of Sr. Lucia so full of emotion and tenderness and felt awkward as if I was intruding on something sacred.  I sensed she was reliving the moments of her childhood when she saw Our Lady here with Francesco and Jacinta. I was deeply moved that Divine Providence allowed me to be present and share this moment with her.

I wanted to take a picture of Sr. Lucia but I did not want to intrude. I dared not lift my camera fearing it would cause her pain at my intrusion.  It did not matter if no one believed me. I knew it and so did God. I noted that there was a photographer in the entourage and felt if it was God’s will I would have a photo someday of this moment. For now this moment was for Sr. Lucia and our Lady and God let me share it with her. 

I believe she realized this would be the last time she would be here. I was with her drinking in all the memories and sacred moments thanking Our Lord and Our Lady for the graces received from them.  I noted another person who pointed out to Sr. Lucia the candle marking the exact spot Our Lady appeared at Vilinhos.  Sr. Lucia stopped a moment and prayed there also. Then as quickly as she came she was whisked back into the limo and headed towards Adjustral to visit her childhood home. I thought to follow them on foot but it was enough for me. This moment alone with her (and her entourage couldn't be helped) where Our Lady appeared.  I had another memory another grace to be grateful for to Our Lady.

In the end God did provide a photo for me.  As I prepared this post I found on the Sanctuary of Fatima Website photographs from the photographer that was present then.  I included one of the pictures in this post that I would have taken if I had the courage to intrude. You can see my arm intruding on the top corner in the background near the monument. (Oh well humility but I was there!) I believe that the photos are presented for the public domain so I have included the link for you to view the other photos over her life.  

Our Lady’s


to Sr. Lucia

Jacinta and Francisco had felt sorry for Lucia when they learned that Lucia would not go to Heaven with them right away, they promised to pray for her from Heaven. Lucia wept and complained to them that she would be all alone without her two friends to help her, but Our Lady promised to be with her always to comfort her. “Are you suffering a great deal?” Our Lady asked Lucia on June 13, 1917 “Don’t Lose heart. I will never forsake you. My Immaculate heart will be your refuge and the way that will lead you to God.”  Now her two little friends had come with Our Lady and Jesus to fetch her and take her with them to Heaven!

At Fatima
Heaven Reclaims
number 13 from pagan
Worship to sacred number!
The earliest reference I found to thirteen being unlucky or evil is from the Babylonian Code of Hammurabi (circa 1780 B.C.E.), where the thirteenth law is omitted although some translations contain a thirteenth law. The number 13 was always associated with bad luck. With similar folkloric aspects of the number 13 noted in various cultures around the world. Most stemming from pagan worship. I tried to find out the reason why and discovered that numbers 13 and 21 were significant to witches and occult numerology for numerous reasons. This is not the purpose of this post to detail it here. One can also do a search and come up with a lot of pagan and occult material in reference to the number.

However it is interesting to note that the fear of the number 13 is so prevalent it has been given its own name: Triskaidekaphobia (from Greek tris meaning "3," kai meaning "and," and deka meaning "10") fear of the number 13; it is a superstition and related to a specific fear of Friday the 13th. 

The history of the modern fear of the number 13 likely originated in France in the 1300’s and was spread all over the world by French immigrants, who heard of the events in Paris concerning the banishment, arresting and outlawing of all Knights Templar on Friday the 13th of October, in the year 1307.

A three fold curse was given by the last grand knight, who was finally executed on Friday the 13th of March, 1314. As he died he cursed Pope Clemence V, the King of France, Philip IV, and the Prime Minister to the 13th generation. The Parisians thought that this prediction was also valid for them and therefore the fear for number 13 and Friday the 13th started to expand out over the world.

Another interesting connection in the occult concerns the Tarot Card. The 13th Tarot card is the card of Death and is pictured as a skeleton (the symbol of death) with a scythe reaping down men. This image later became known as “The Grim Reaper” I also discovered that the lluminati has also adopted 13 as a sacred number. Other references have to do with numerology and would take up to much space to detail it here.

I wish to briefly mention that over time as Christianity spread the knowledge of the black arts was thankfully forgotten but the fear of the number13 stayed in man’s consciousness without them realizing why. Friday the 13th was considered an unlucky day because Friday was the day of the Lords death and there were thirteen participants at the Last Supper. Tradition states that Judas Iscariot the disciple, who betrayed Jesus, was the 13th to sit at the table.

With the resurgence of pagan religions witchcraft and satanic rituals in our culture. Heaven is telling us that God will have the the final say. Our Lord promised Peter "On this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against her" It doesn't mean that there will not be an attempt they will but they will not prevail. He will turn the tables on Satan and his deceptive minions through the Woman Clothed in the Sun with the moon under her feet and upon her head a crown of 12 stars. I believe this is why that God choose to send his Mother on the 13th day of each month at Fatima. Our Lady will conquer the entire pagan Goddess Worship the devil spewed out when he realized God was going to use a Woman to defeat him. How about it number 13 for 1 God in 3 divine persons. 

God  will purify and reclaim number 13 as a sacred number through Our Lady.


  1. Thanks for an very interesting and very informative post. I have never been to Fatima but hope one day to go. A priest friend told me that I would go when Our Blessed Lady wants me to go. I believe him. Keep up the good work. I am sure your blog brings a smile to her lovely face.

  2. Can I also mention something??? I believe that God uses numbers also. Jesus died at age 33, and died at 3 o'clock.

    Sister Lucia as you mentioned, passed away on February 13, 2005. I believe that the number 13 is Mary's number. But also, take a closer look. If you add february 13, 2005 together, as 2+1+3+2+5...it also equals the number 13!!!

    Now...as we know. Pope John Paul II had a great devotion to Our Blessed Mother. He was shot on May 13, 1981. Pope John Paul II passed away on April 2, 2005. But also, take a closer look. If you had 4+2+2+5...guess what it also equals? The number 13!!!

  3. This was sent to me by e-mail! God ALSO knitted our human bodies together with amazing detail and wonder. Lamins are what hold us together! They are cell adhesion molecules. They are what holds one cell of our bodies to the next cell. Without them, we would literally fall apart. They are in the form of a CROSS!http://bit.ly/cq0UFP

  4. Thirteen has strong association with the Blessed Virgin Mary. Blessed John Paul II, who was nearly killed on a May 13, was devoted to the Virgin. His devotion was a very public witness that was expressed even with the "M" on his coat of arms. The letter "M" is the 13th letter in the Latin alphabet. Thirteen represented the Serpent that tempted Eve and Mary fulfills the promise made to Eve that a woman will crush the head of the Serpent. Mary is the promise made in Genesis 3:15 ; she crushes the head of the serpent and “13” is redeemed.

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to post your insight on the number 13 and Fatima! It shows once more that everything has a meaning with God and the smallest details sometimes overlooked by the crowds are confirmations of His providential guiding hand.