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February 19, 2010

Video of the Liturgical Ceremony Sister Lucia re-buried in the Basilica of Fatima February 19, 2006

Sr. Lucia's Mortal Remains

Re-buried in Fatima Basilica

Near Bls. Jacinta & Francesco 

February 19, 2006

The remains of the religious, who died at age 97 on February 13, 2005, will rest next to those of her two cousins, Blessed Francisco and Blessed Jacinta, who also witnessed the Virgin Mary's apparitions with her. The liturgical memorial of the blesseds is celebrated on February 20.

The transfer of Sr. Lucia's remains is according the desire expressed by the witness of the apparitions of Fatima, who personally told the Bishop of Coimbra: "Without contradicting what I have already written and considering the desire of the nuns, I would like that after my death my body will be buried in the cloister of this Monastery [of Saint Teresa in Coimbra] at least for one year, before being moved into the Basilica of Fatima."

Sr. Lucia had also expressed various times the desire to be buried close to Francis and to Jacinta. In fact on February 3, 1994, she wrote to the Rector of the Sanctuary: "… thanking God and Our Lady because they want to grant me this grace, to rest my earthly sleep in their Sanctuary, at their feet."
Fr. Anthony Cilia, O.Carm.  Above text from Carmelite News




From Luis Arostegui, Superior General of Carmel

To My Dear Carmelite Sisters from Coimbra convent, and My Dear Carmelite Brothers, gathered together on February 18th, 2006 in the Coimbra chapel to bid farewell to the mortal remains of our Sister Lucia, whose body will be moved tomorrow from Coimbra to Fatima: May the Risen Lord, who is our hope, be with you.

One year ago Sister Lucia died, she who was a witness of the messages of the Mother of Mercy of Fatima, having lived many years in Coimbra Carmel. Her death was felt not only in the Church and the people of Portugal, but also in the Church throughout the world; and in a very special and loving way within the Carmelite family. It was obviously felt with an intensity beyond compare in the Coimbra community.

During this time her memory, far from being forgotten, has been kept alive; the faithful invoke her intercession and have shown that they would like to see her venerated and recognized by the Church for her goodness and holiness of life.

At this time when her mortal remains will be transferred to the Sanctuary in Fatima, to the place of the messages of Mary, alongside Francisco and Jacinta, the Carmelite Family feels once more united in remembering her, and wishes to accompany, spiritually, the transfer of her remains, and surround with gratitude and love the community of our Sisters in Coimbra.

No doubt her body could have remained in the chapel or garden of Coimbra Carmel, in the place where she prayed, worked, sang and loved; in the place where she lived the Fatima message of prayer, surrender and compassion, day after day with great simplicity and unaffectedness. But we accept that Lucia also belongs to the people of Fatima, to the place where Mary appeared, and where we find the venerated tombs of the first two who shared with her the extraordinary experience. Fatima was where it all began, and in a certain sense where she found her vocation to Carmel.

You, our Sisters in Coimbra Carmel, are being asked in a very special way to make a final act of letting go. I know without any doubt that in letting go with generosity you will receive the blessing of your Sister Lucia, and the guarantee of her spiritual and transparent presence among you.

Your community is the permanent witness to her life. Nothing and no one can substitute this witness. You should treasure her notes, writings and other memorabilia, but no less importantly, keep her memory alive among yourselves, that silent voice of her spirit so simple and human. She was faithful to the message of Fatima, and lived for the Church and for the whole world. This she chose to do in the Teresian Carmel, whose charisma lovingly embraces the Church and all humankind. She loved Carmel as her home and family for ever, in a way that was real and incarnate. We were truly her Sisters and Brothers.

Her fraternal fidelity is an invitation to us, to be generously faithful to our vocation.
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